What MOTU toy did you have as a child, but to this day don't have it back yet?

  1. lofftap
    Here's mine

    OK... I know that's sad since Dragon Blaster Skeletor isn't what you call a hard to find figure, but with all this MOTU madness of needed this and that, I guess I some how passed him up
  2. Jawbridge
    I only had figures from the middle series, and US releases, so it was really easy to pick up what I had both loose (that I didn't actually still have) and carded/boxed. I still want a better Jitsu and Whiplash moc.

    However, my He-Man and Skeletor that my parents bought me back in the day, were in excellent condition! He-Man graded a freakin' 90! and my Skele was a half boot, purple pants that graded an 85. I'll eventually send a Skele in that will hopefully grade a 90, but my original is just great to have.

    These figures were first to be replaced because I really beat the crap out of 'em:

    Sy-Klone, Leech, Mentenna, and Moss Man.


    Edit, oh, and I have Dragon Blaster's lock, and some armor I think, heck, I might have a near complete DB Skele, maybe w/out the chain, and the body is most likely mint! Wanna make a trade ? Lemme know, peace
  3. kelddorr
    a battle bones and dragon walker. oh and a windraider i also had a skeletor costume with a purple sword and yellow mask and a he-man electric tooth brush id love to have those,but the ultimate prize would be a snake mountian any way i can get it
  4. lofftap
    Dude! I so had that He-man electric Tooth brush! I loved that thing!
  5. Mythew
    I had nearly all of them. Every penny I got my hands on, every Birthday and Christmas, I asked for the same things. He-Man Stuff.
    The last ones I got were Twistoid and 2 of the Meteorbs.
    And I still have them with their packaging. They're not Sealed of course. I played with them, but I kept all the boxes I could.
  6. HammerFall
    Man At Arms he was the second MOTU figure I owned.
  7. Skeledor
    Fright Fighter
  8. Turk81
    Spydor or Mantisaur
  9. diosoth
    Currently I am only missing Thunder Punch He-Man and Screeech. I've obtained all the other childhood toys. TPHM is currently one I'm seeking but all the ones I see on eBay are worn(black leg rot seems REALLY common with this one and the chrome hurts matters), and Screeech isn't a huge priority at the moment.

    Well that's not actually true- I did somehow have a Scratchin Sound Catra, I think it was either a gift or somehow in a mixed batch of toys. I recall it because it made that sound. But it's not a toy I'm eager to purchase, actually at the time I had no idea it was related to MOTU. I'll likely get a normal Catra for the collection anyway.
  10. SirMarlfox
    I gave up a Fisto once - cannot remember if I traded him for another figure, or if I sold him.
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