8 back cards Taiwan vs Mexico

  1. Skeletor1981
    I have an 8 back He-Man carded figure and on the back at the very bottom edge it states "Figure Made In Mexico, Accessories & Comic Book Made In USA". However, right above the copyright notice there is a long, narrow printed design and I can see that underneath that design it says "Made In Taiwan". I am trying to figure out the reason for this and if these 8 backs are more/less rare than other 8 back cards. [I]side note: the comic in this particular 8 back has the corners clipped off. It is graded so it isn't a re-carded figure or anything like that but I haven't seen one like this before.
    See images here:



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    does the fact that i changed my email address in my profile from a gmail account to my metronet ISP email address cause the fact that i can no longer access the full site when i had full access yesterday before i changed it? I am at a loss
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