California people

  1. He-Man76
    What part of California is everyone from?!
  2. Veronica Mars
    Veronica Mars
  3. Webstor1983
    Los Angeles here. Anybody know if there are any local collectibles stores that sell motu classics?
  4. strangerbeyond
    Pasadena, CA here.

    I'm also interested in local collectible stores around LA.
  5. PantherCult
    Sacramento, CA
  6. Blaster
    Los Angeles here too! Webstor, you can try Frank and Sons it's basically a flea market for scalpers and collectors to sell their unwanted merch in the city of industry.
  7. Khoufu
    Upper east bay, near Concord, Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill.
  8. pcrowe
    I'm in Carlsbad, about 30 mins north of San Diego. Looking forward to Power-Con in August!
  9. bricksomething
    Folks still active on here? I’m new, and here in South San Francisco. Always looking for cool toys and collectibles shops around the Bay Area, Sacramento, Modesto, and LA. I have family in Pasadena and am down there a few times a year. Believe it or not, I’ve never made it to Frank and Sons because the hours never work out.
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