Eternia #240

  1. LavanderSpider
    World Number: 240

    Conditions: Living Creatures, Growing Plants, Homes/Towns/Cities

    Colors: Eternos is a Crimson Color, Grays, Low Yellows and Blacks. Snake Mountain is relatively. Some exceptions of different colors being the Forest, Dessert and the Mountains.

    Tone: Most living beings in Eternia 240 are aggressive, while not expressing to much emotions so they don't show themselves as well. They still have other emotions. They also look more aggressive than normal Eternians.

    Story: Once there was a king barbarian named Orcdarc. He was ruler of other barbarians like him. They lived in the cave within the mountains near Eternos. One day, Orcdarc and his crew went to Castle Grayskull since they had heard of great power within the Castles. When arriving and breaking down the castle doors, the sorceress of Eternia 240 banished Orcdarc within his own sword Exiling Orcdarc's gang in the process. Years later, Adam of Eternia 240 has been given the cursed sword so he would be able to use the sword for good. Adam has to fight for control when he uses Orcdarc's powers.

    Known Creatures: Adam, Randor, Marlina, Duncan, Teela, Skeletor. (The rest are either unknown or redacted)

    (More information about this world will be out soon)
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