Prince Adam's Age?

  1. LavanderSpider
    Hello! This is one of my first times being in this group! So I do hope you all enjoy my company!

    Anyways! To the topic at hand, I always wondered how old Prince Adam was? It was never said in the series itself, but it was shown in the Season 2 Episode 11 "The Great Books Mystery" where it shows Adam with a cake with nineteen candles. Which would also mean Adam would be 18 before that episode. Which also now explains my question more.

    How old was Adam in the beginning of the series? When you originally look up "How old is Prince Adam/He-Man" It says 16 (But that is only in the 2002 iteration of He-Man). But since Adam was 18 before "The Great Books Mystery", with the Wiki for said episode said that Adam could be younger in the series, How old would Adam even be between Season 1 and Season 2 Episode 11?
  2. Jukka
    The answer depends on the varying canons.

    For Filmation, we know from the Series Bible by Michael Halperin that Adam received the Sword of Power when he was 18. It's never stated out loud in the series itself, with vague remarks about being He-Man for some time, like in episodes "The Search" or "Prince Adam No More". But the 19 candles seen in "The Great Books Mystery" atleast gives us that, and next time there is a birthday celebration in The Christmas Special. But again there they don't give exact number, so Adam and Adora are turning *atleast* 20 at that point, could be more.

    The answer about Adam being 16 when show began is taken from the 2002 reboot show, where we see Adam celebrate his 16th birthday in the very first episode.
  3. LavanderSpider
    That makes sense!

    I recently watched the Christmas Special since I got it on DVD. When I did realize that Adam and Adora's birthday would be shared with a Christmas party, would that also mean that they were both born on Christmas? Or do they have different birthdays?

    And again with Adam's age, "The Great Book Mystery"'s wiki also says in the Orko Trivia that Adam could be younger during earlier seasons? (Man, Ages are difficult :,) )
  4. Jukka
    They are twins, so that suggests they were born at the same time. And since the canon was in a bit of flux during the time going from He-Man to She-Ra... I mean they wanted to create a Christmas Special, but since Eternia is a fantasy planet that may not even know what that is, making the story about twins' birthday is an easy solution (without thinking too much if Adam has seen birthdays already in previous episodes), so that's why with "The Great Books Mystery" you don't see snow in the episode, but in Christmas Special they have snow...
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