I canīt see my kid playing with my MOTU, I always think he will brake it...

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  1. Ulisses31
    My boy have 4 years and I will buy the 10 characters in the group pictures plus Castle Grayskull for this Christmas... he donīt know it... will be such a surprise...
    He love to see my toys and ask to play with them... but I have my hart in my hand every time he uses the punch feature... and when he put a figure in a vehicle, well I think that the legs will brake...

    I canīt see my kid playing with my MOTU, I always think he will brake it...

    So he will have their own...
  2. AnnnaMot
    You shouldn't worry if he breaks it , weren't you saving your toys for your kids ? i got upset a couple of times when he broke my metal Voltron and my a couple of Vehicles . isnt that who you saved your toys 4?
  3. Ulisses31
    No I was saving them to me... to my collection. I only wanted to show them to my kid, but that meddling kids just want to play with them over and over and I canīt say no... I really like to see them in a kid hands... so Iīm saving to buy a lot just for the kids to play...
  4. Baena
    I can understand the fear there.

    With Classics coming out, I've actually decided that all my vintage stuff goes to my kids now.

    Just yesterday while I was working at home on a job, my daughter had Castle Grayskull, Snake Mountain, and about 10 figs out playing in the office with me.

    I wouldn't trade that for anything, I was so happy to see her having such fun with the same toys I grew up with.

    Yeah, they'll break things. That's why I've learned over the years how to fix toys. I broke things too. It's a part of playing with toys. You can't escape it really, it's what you do afterward that counts.
  5. Frogster
    I recently broke down and bought a He-Ro and Triklops for my soon to be 3 year old. He just loves MOTU. Lately he has been trying to get my Spydor and Bionatops.
  6. Ulisses31
    My favorite part is fixing the toys, but seeing them being broken... hurts.!!!
  7. He-Dad
    I know the feeling...but I found a site that was dedicated to fixing the guys and I've gotten pretty good at it. Sy-clone, Spikor, and Mantenna all have repaired legs and ya can't really tell. I've also had to superglue gwildor...which hurt a bit.....but the joy of seeing him have epic battles and enjoy them as much as I did makes up for it. Just keep reminding myself they're HIS. That being said...its still hands off daddy's Star Wars toys!
  8. Impulse
    My son has taken almost all of my 200x stuff to my ex wife's. He's broke alot of them and I've repaired them with superglue about a million times...but its worth it to me to share He-man with him. Toys can be replaced but you know the time spent together playing with them was worth more than the best resale value on ebay.
  9. Green Goddess
    Green Goddess
    Toys are for playing, not just displaying. Something all of us parents need to learn!
  10. Megalodon
    Yes but if that toy is going for $400 are you going to let them "play" with it?
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