The First Ever ALL ENCOMPASSING MotU(C)/NA/200x/POP(/GR) Facebook group in the world!!!
This is a discussion group (not a marketplace!) for all: newbies, non collectors, casual and the hardcore!
Keywords: Fun, respect & tolerance. No bickering/elitism.

Story behind this project was that I just found it impossible to find a single FB group which encompassed all the toylines and factions, art, fanart, animations, comics, minicomics, games/videogames, obscurities, fakes, customization, photography and the plethora of other merch under one roof, I.e. everything inside one single FB group. This FB group has it all for all to discuss!
Also, for a beginner it was hard to find an all encompassing general group, since it seems there's a plethora of many spesific FB groups concentrating e.g. only for MotuC, only vintage, comics, customization, Filmation etc.
In short: All types of fans are welcomed and can share all the love inside one FB group!