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Thread: What's the last DVD/Blu-Ray you bought?

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    May 2018
    bought these from the dollar tree store an hour ago

    Dark Whispers for DVD
    original King Kong vs Godzilla blu ray
    a bag of Swedish Fish that has dolphins and turtles

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    This week on Movies For Ashers Who Like Movies:

    Spiderman: No Way Home
    Constantine: House of Mystery
    Turning Red
    I am Imp's number one fan.

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    Homeworld: Cybertron. the great Autobot city of Iacon
    Major Dundee
    The Matrix: Resurrections
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    Spaceballs 4K/Blu ray combo
    Batman (1989) 4K/Blu ray combo
    The Silence of the Lambs 4K/Blu ray combo
    Die Hard 4K/Blu ray combo
    Snoopy Come Home/A Boy Named Charlie Brown Blu ray set
    The Simpsons: Season 15 Blu ray set
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    bought a new horror anthology movie from the walmart store yesterday. Its called Death by Midnight.

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    I'm just waiting for Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel to arrive in the mail.

    This week I am adding Power Rangers Dino Thunder to my set.
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    Spider-Man: No Way Home
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    more stuff i got recently for DVD and blu ray

    South Park Season 4 DVD
    Family Guy Volume 3 or 4 where its pretty much the old Season 3
    Star Wars Saga collection blu ray the one with the newer cover art of Darth Vader. Mostly needed the Saga for the bonus features that include the spoof stuff such as Troops

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    To be honest I don't really buy that many DVD's and Blu Ray's now, I prefer digital as it's much better and doesn't clutter up the home however that said if it's something I love I will buy them on the odd occasion to keep.

    I think the last one I bought was this, the 2011 series on Blu Ray which is really good :)

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