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Thread: Live Action Movie FAQ (Updated December 23)

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    Live Action Movie FAQ (Updated December 23)

    The New He-Man Live Action Movie FAQ

     He-Man is set to return to the big screen.

     Current Status:
     Release Date:
    To Be Determined

     Please note that this guide contains spoilers.

      Breaking news: Variety reports that Fox 2000 has set John Woo (Paycheck) to direct and produce He-Man, a live-action film based on the characters in Mattel's "Masters of the Universe" line of action figures. Adam Rifkin will adapt the screenplay. (Source: Variety, Date: October 4, 2004)

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    Confirmed Cast and Crew


      Studio: Fox 2000, Lion Rock Productions
      Director: John Woo
      Producers: John Woo and Terence Chang
      Screenplay: Adam Rifkin

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      Please remember that these are rumors!

      Dark Horizon reports that these two actors are being looked at:
      He-Man/Prince Adam: Jason Lewis
      Skeletor: Nicolas Cage

      New rumors via Ain't It Cool News (12.23.04):
      Looking at for He-Man: The Rock (believed to have already met), Jason Lewis (Sex and the City), Ryan Kwanten (Summerland), Paul Michael Levesque

      No word on Skeletor, but those rumors about Nicolas Cage were false apparently.

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    Articles and Links

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