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Thread: vintage stuff and parts for sale

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    vintage stuff and parts for sale

    hi, this what i have for sale or trade:

    complete castle grayskull
    battle ram
    wind raider
    night stalker
    point dread & talon fighter

    extra panthor without sadle
    eternia viper tower arms, chains and 1 central tower arm
    hordak armor
    glow in dark scare glow weapon
    clawful armor
    stinlor armor
    yellow beastman armor
    he-man armor
    stratos armor
    skeletor sword
    he-man swords
    he-man axes
    ram man axe
    fright fighter front gun
    fisto sword
    kobra khan gun
    saurod gun
    beastman whip
    teela armor
    rio blast knee pad
    star burst she-ra outfit
    cyclone band
    hordak cross bow
    black zodak armor
    swift wind saddle and wings
    gray grayskull weapons

    i'm looking for:

    horde trooper back plate
    prince adam sword
    clawful club
    evil lyn staff
    blade swords and pants
    twistoid's stuff
    randor cape
    blast attack weapon
    mekaneck armor and club
    buzz off axe & hat
    terror c skeletor red clip and claws
    jitsu sword
    orko trick
    stinkor shield
    clamp champ weapon
    lock dragon blaster skeletor
    scare glow cape
    clif climber shoe
    syclone shield
    rattlor staff
    green scare glow weapon
    snake face shield & staff
    gwildor kosmic key



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    Pm sent man, let me know.
    Always buying merchandise that I don't have. Let me know whatcha got!!
    Pm me if you have anything the I dont have!
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    You have PM.

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