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  • Yay! She-Ra rules and MotU wouldn't have been the same without her.

    120 59.70%
  • Nay! She-Ra is an embarrasment to the MotU mythos.

    19 9.45%
  • I don't mind She-Ra and/or PoP.

    33 16.42%
  • I don't hate PoP, but I'm certainly not a big fan.

    26 12.94%
  • I don't care either way.

    3 1.49%
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Thread: She-Ra, yay or nay?

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    Did She-ra and POP steal and cannibalize The Horde and Hordak from the MOTU line to make itself more successful?
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    better late than never. Never had the toys, but my sister did. I didnt care for girls at the time, so I didnt pay much attention.

    But the She Ra toon was obviously after they had gotten really into stride, & I love it. Wouldnt have been the same without an adult.

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    MOTUC Most Wanted : Attak Trak, Masks of Power Demons, Alcala-Style Figures

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