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    Did you do anything to Kobra Khan other than paint him (very excellently I might add) to make him more toon accurate? King Hsss is incredible! I can't tell from the pics, but is his new toon head resculpted or just painted? The fact that I can't tell on either customs just shows how professional they look. Great work as always J!! Any chance on making molds of anything? I'm still hoping you do your classic He-Man sword!

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    Man! That packaging really is amazing! You even make the box art look brighter and more detailed than the original!

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    Quote Originally Posted by heftysmurf76
    Man! That packaging really is amazing! You even make the box art look brighter and more detailed than the original!
    Yea that box art is really amazing!
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    J- just so you know, your sick man, where do you come up with these things?

    Seriously, two words "PROFESSIONAL HELP" in other words I hate KING HISS but that things AWSOME.

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    w o w !!!

    In Kansas, it is a crime to eat rattlesnake meat in public.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SnakeMenPriest
    w o w !!!

    What he said
    The snakemen will rise again mwa ha ha ha ha!

    Rest in peace eddie gurerro you stole the hearts of millions

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    amazing ****

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    I want that King Hisss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by J-Sun
    Closing line from Martin Luther King Hiss's speech.

    Sorry couldn't resist.
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    I want that King Hisss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Couldnt have said it better myself!
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    My God that is just awesome!!!!!
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    That's crazy brilliant, J-Sun you nut.
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    J-sun if you could answer a question, what are you using to take the pictures of the figures, what camera??


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    I went through the thread and have responded to you all...If you posted more than once.. I responded more than once!

    oh yeah...
    Here is one more pict:

    BURTDAWG - Thanks B-Dawg! Hope you enjoyed all of the picts!

    ThePuzzler - Glad ya like him Puzzler! The Box and the figure were a lot of fun to make!

    MossMAn710179 - Indeed there is a classic head in there!

    Matt-at-Arms - Thanks I'm happy to hear you like him!

    Pig Boy - Thanks Pig Boy!!!

    TRAPPER - Sort of... more like the the 12 days of HSSSS-MAS!!! Thanks TRapper!

    Dynamo of Eternia - It is nice to hear you like him so much that you'd be willing to pay top dollar. I don't do MOTU custom commissions... but who knows...maybe Hssss will go up for auction or something one of these days... who knows! Cheers!

    Zodac101 - I wish I COULD make copies of this guy easily.. I really do! Glad you like him Zodac101!

    Orko's Magic Hat - LOL! Nope! I Don't work for Mattel! hahahaha
    If Thanks Orko's Magic Hat!

    Oz-Scott - Hey Oz-Scott! Thanks so much mate!

    ORKO - Thanks Orko! This custom is what I wished Mattel to have made... they didn't do it.. so I had to take matters into my own hands!

    SKELEPIMP - Thanks Skelepimp! I vote to have me make more customs of Chronicles Of Eternia Characters!!!

    galaxy warrior - Cheers! Thanks galaxy warrior!!!

    Sllohcin - Thanks Sllohcin! Hope ya enjoyed all the picts!

    octavio - I wish there was a way for me to duplicate this guy... the snakes were a tough job! Thanks octavio!

    davidlogan - Thanks davidlogan! It is really nice to hear that Hssss is your favorite among my custom works! Yes - most of my customs are poseable... only in certain cases do I eliminate articulation... King Hssss has all the standard MOTU points of articulation... and then some with his 5 bendable snake necks!

    Sword-of-Grayskull - Hey! Glad you like him sword!

    IdiotFool - Cheers Fool! You nailed it regarding the articulation. Thanks so much for the compliments!

    thew40 - Thanks thew40!!!

    Mike Bock - Thanks Mike! I'll be working on a tutorial - so you CAN make one!

    oICEMANo - Thanks ICE! Yes there are classic options! Plenty of options all around! Cheers!

    Captain Atkin - Thanks Captain! Hope you liked all of the picts!

    the_ultimate_evil - Thanks Ultimate!!! I put a lot of time and energy into both the box and the figure - I'm so glad you like 'em!

    He-Cat - There is no Santa He-Cat! Sorry! Glad you like him! I do wish I could make more of these - In lieu of a copy of this figure under your tree - I hope you enjoyed the collection of pictures!

    Vahn - LOL! Thanks Vahn! I hope you enjoyed all of the pictures throughout the holidays!

    heftysmurf76 - Thanks Hefty! I couldn't have pulled this off without ya! Thanks again for the Mecha Bite Panthor - Thats what I used as the template for Hssss's box folks! Three cheer for Heftysmurf!!!

    Irian - hahaha! Thanks! He'll be coming to action figure form soon!

    Hordak's Henchman - Wow! Thanks H.H. I'm really happy to hear you like Ultimate King Hssss!

    Rain - Indeed I definitely put a lot of time and effort into making this custom - thanks I am glad to hear it shows! Cheers!

    Idiotfool - Yeah he has interchangeable legs! Your first two customs are great! They kick the pants of of my first two customs! Keep at it man!

    cassie khan - Thanks Cassie! If I could make more - I would!

    Fahnengrabbler - Hey Fahnengrabbler! Thanks! I hope you enjoyed all of the picts!

    LaRock - Thanks LaRock! I tried my best to make this custom as professional as possible - glad you think so!!! Cheers!

    nemesis15425 - Glad you like him! The snakes are solidly connected - but ya got me... that was a tricky area!

    2-bad - Thanks 2-bad!!! I'm happy to hear you like his Snake Form!!! One of your favorites, eh?! Great! Cheers!

    MastersCollector - Thanks MastersCollector! You got it! The bendy arms are Rattlor tails... but what a load of work went into fashioning them and coring them and getting the wire to run through them to make them properly bendy! ACK!
    Glad you like him!

    scare-flow - Thanks scare-flow! Yep, the heads are all interchangeable! Hope you enjoyed all of the pics!

    Pig Boy - Thanks Again!

    wilee4 - Thanks wilee4! Glad you like Ceratus as well! I've begun updating my site... Ceratus is up... Hssss and his snakemen will be up there soon!

    boggs32 - Thanks!

    enemy J - hahahahaha! Thanks Enemy J!

    Mike Bock - Thanks Again Mike Bock! Yeah I wish I had one for every .Org member as well!!!

    Zodac101 - Great! I'm glad to hear you like the picts!!!

    TRAPPER - It is terrific to hear that my custom work inspires you Trapper! Cheers!

    Havoc - Thanks! Go for it! Looking forward to Havoc Customs in 2006!

    G-Man - Thanks G-Man! Great to hear ya like the packaging!

    Mike Bock - Rattlor Tails... cored out and made bendy with wire!

    blako - Hey blako! Thanks!!!

    Neo - Indeed! Now that I'm through posting picts (though there will be a few more when I add Hssss to my site...) a tutorial will be on its way!

    maczero - Wow! Thanks maczero!!! I can definitely post some more close ups.. if not here they'll be on my website soon for sure!

    DreamTripper - Thanks so much DreamTripper!

    eternia23 - Thanks eternia23! Your idea for the interactive feature is a great one... I'll see what I can come up with! Cheers!

    TekkamanSol - Hey! That's terrific! Thanks SO MUCH!

    the doctor - Hey! Thanks Doc!

    kantboy2 - LOL! Thanks kantboy2!

    ChemicalChemical - Hey! Thanks for the compliments!

    Dex-Gar - Thanks so much Dex! He was a lot of fun to make - glad you are enjoying him!

    sigcmg - Thanks sigcmg! Sorry though he's not going on eBay anytime soon!

    bcrduke - hahahaha! Hey bcr! He did take quite a lot of time... I don't know how long in total... worked on him in bits and pieces - but yes - the work was spread out over months. Glad you like him and his box!

    Oz-Scott - Thanks Again Scott!

    Hordaks Henchman - Cheers Thanks Again H.H.!

    dinorider - Great to hear! Thanks dinorider!

    Patreek - Thanks Patreek! Well, I'll be posting a step-by-Step tutorial at some point in the near future!

    fball13z - hahaha! Hey glad you like him! As I mentioned - I'll get a full tutorial up at some point soon!

    brianatarms - Hey Brian! Glad you like him! King Hssss For Easter?! Nah Sorry bud!

    zodak74 - Hey! Modulok IS under development... but I'll be focusing on finishing up SPIKOR based on ICEMAN's awesome design first! Stay tuned!

    funkypunkyboy - Thanks! Glad you like the paint apps and details on the accessories! Yeah Definitely do some touch ups on your staff and shield! Cool!

    BURTDAWG - Thanks for the support BURTDAWG!

    Fahnengrabbler - Thanks Fahnengrabbler! Don't you even joke about quitting customizing your work is awesome!

    IdiotFool - Hey Thanks for your support!

    Ram-Fan - Thanks so much for your kind words Ram-Fan! I hope to deliver many more custom MOTU - I hope you enjoy them as much as you've enjoyed King Hssss and some of my other works! Cheers!

    heftysmurf76 - Thanks Hefty! Us? Biased by MOTU?! You Betcha!!!

    Sllochin - Thanks Sllo! Glad you've been enjoying!!!

    Sword-of-Grayskull - Cheers Sword!

    AGE - Hey Thanks AGE! The complete ingredients/recipe WILL be revealed!

    octavio - THanks Octavio! Great idea... I'll include a how_To for the box as well as the figure when I get to the tutorial!


    TRAPPER - Thanks for your support too TRAP!

    Ram-Fan - nope - not too late! thanks Ram-Fan!

    Mike Bock - That's very flattering! thanks Mike!

    marndt8448 - Thanks marndt! Kahn will have his own gallery on the site soon along with Hssss, Rattlor and a bunch of other Snake Warriors who will be along later in the year!

    SLO-MAN - Thanks Slo-Man!

    JafariStew - Thanks So Much JafariStew!

    Zodac101 - Thanks! Yes - all we need now is a Duplicator Ray!

    Dex-Gar - Thanks Again Dex!!!

    TRAPPER - For Rattlor I shored up his legs at the ankles and behind the knees.. I also made it so his legs spread less to the sides... In the end this gains him about an inch over his former self which at this scale is about a foot! LOL! I'll get the details for Rattlor up here on the forums and on my site soon! Cheers!

    brianatarms - hahahaha! They sure are!

    He-Lurker - Yes - I replaced his lower jaw and his mouth can now close! This head doesn't spit nor does the jaw open as wide as the original... so my custom Khan includes 2 heads that can be swapped. King Hssss' toon head involved some trimming (the chin) some sculpting(his mouth/frown has been altered) and the rest is paints. I'm not sure how I would make molds of any part of this guy... the He-Man swords are still in the work though! Thanks!!!

    Heftysmurf76 - Thanks Hefty!!!

    brianatarms - Thanks... I hope to do some more figures with boxes in 2006!

    smanomega - Hey! there you are! Thanks smano!

    SnakeMenPriest - Thanksssssss Asp'r!

    cassie khan - Thanks Again Cassie - glad you like!

    D-Man - Hey D-man! Thanks!

    Mike Bock - Ok! Tutorial coming soon... I wanna see you make a classic one like this too though!

    maczero - King Hssss should not be free!!! - he eats people!

    Wacky Martin - Gad you like him Wacky Martin!

    motu77 - Hey! Thanks motu77!

    Black Mary - Where've ya been? Thanks! Yes this figure is definitely a product of craziness!

    Red Death - Hi! These were all taken with a lil' Canon Powershot digital camera. Nothing too fancy... It's all about the light!

    Y'all are the best!
    Thanks Again to ALL!


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    Holy Crap, J-Sun!

    You replied to everyone at this thread!

    You crazy cat!

    And if you ever wana do more Pre-Eternia characters, just let me know!

    You should see some more of my stuff, soon!


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    Dude you rock

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    J-Sun = Robot?

    You're possessed of an energy I can never hope to achieve. You must be powered by an atomic battery. Thanks for the replies, I know it must've taken awhile.
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    What can I say that hasn't been said. Your customs are killer!
    It's always a thrill to see your latest creation.
    Keep up the stunning work.

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    ok well i just got to say good god man

    man i have been a way from the bord for some time and i come back to see how ever one is doing on the customs and man i get my eyes pop out of my head when i see this custom man that is the one thing i can say when i see your stuff
    it just get better and better ever time i see it and i just got to know u are so dam good u got to be a four horse men u got to bee if no dam that need u to bee well if u start to sell this one i got lots of stuff ill give for one of them so man u rock the house on this one so keep it up from the grifter
    i need a zodak help i got all kinds of heman and thundercats and gijoe stuff to trade can u all help

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    This is unbelieveable!!!!! The packaging, the figure, all the inter-changeable parts. This is just amazing work. I want this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    SKELEPIMP - Cheers SKELEPIMP! Oh Yeah there will be more Pre-Eternia Customs FOR SURE!

    TekkamanSol - Hey Thanks TekkamanSol!

    IdiotFool - Thanks! Me A Robot? Nah! Well.. okay... Maybe!

    SGT. ROCK - Thanks Sgt.! Glad you enjoy them!

    grifter - Welcome back! Thanks so much for your kind words!

    NORCAL MASTER - I am happy to hear you like it so much! Thanks!

    Thanks Again Everybody!

    I have yet to receive official word, but apparently Ultimate King Hssss has been chosen as the the People's Choice winner in Millionaire Playboy's "Make Your Masterpiece Contest" !!!

    Check out the results here:

    Thanks again for all of your support!


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    WOW...I can't believe you responded to every single person here. You rock.
    Glad you won the contest too...
    " I have the POWER!!!!!"

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    Once again - ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Quick question...what brand and colors did you use to paint Kobra Kahn? Thank you.

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    OMG. I'm simply speechless....... I don't even want to think about how long that must've taken to complete.

    And I daren't think how much it would fetch on ebay...

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