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Thread: FS DVD, VHS Movies & Anime, PS2 & X-Box games

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    FS DVD, VHS Movies & Anime, PS2 & X-Box games

    Prices listed below plus actual shipping.

    X-Box Games
    Splinter Cell $18

    PS2 Games
    Gran Turismo 3 $14
    The Getaway $14
    Rayman 3 $16
    Spongebob Squarepants Battle for Bikini Bottom $18
    Lord of the Rings the Third Age $18
    AD&D Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance $18
    Final Fantasy X2 $20

    DVD Movies
    Bandits $8
    3000 Miles to Graceland $8
    Rush Hour $8
    The Day After,$8
    Jersey Girl $10
    My Big Fat Greek Wedding $10
    Monsters Inc $12.

    VHS Anime $4 each
    Battle Angel
    Devil Man Vol I & II
    Tokyo Revelation
    Wicked City
    Big Wars
    Space Warriors Baldios
    Phoenix 2772
    Wings of Honneamise
    Armitage III Poly-Matrix - The Movie
    Macross Plus The Movie
    Robotech II The Sentinels
    Area 88 Act I - The Skies of Betrayal
    The Slayers Vol 4
    Fight! Iczer One Vol 2
    Lupin III's Greatest Capers
    The Guyver - Data 10 & Data 12
    Takegami Gaurdian of Darkness Vol 2
    Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer Round 1 & 2
    Wrath of the Ninja
    3x3 Eyes
    Grappler Baki The Ultimate Fighter
    Ninja Ressurection
    Shadow Skill
    Sword For Truth
    Crimson Wolf
    Heroic Legend of Arislan - Age of Heroes
    Legend of Lemnear
    Peathingy King Spirit Warrior - Festival of the Ogre's Revival
    Peathingy King Spirit Warrior 1 & 2

    I also have 2 original Ralph Bakshai movies:

    Fire & Ice

    VHS Movies $3 each

    Blade Runner
    The Dark Crystal SOLD
    Dark City
    The Crow
    The Crow City of Angels
    A Clockwork Orange
    Flash Gordon SOLD
    Enemy Mine
    Jurassic Park SOLD
    Jurrasic Park The Lost World SOLD
    Men In Black SOLD
    The Shadow
    Dragonheart SOLD
    The Warriors
    Soylent Green
    Superman the Movie SOLD
    Superman II SOLD
    Judge Dredd
    Clash of the Titans SOLD
    Alien Nation
    Ewoks the Battle for Endor
    The Mission
    Pink Floyd The Wall
    I Come In Peace
    V: The Final Battle
    Planet of the Apes 5 movie box set SOLD
    The Phantom
    Kull the Conquerer SOLD
    Cutthroat Island SOLD
    Dragonslayer SOLD
    Jason & The Argonauts SOLD
    Highlander the Gathering
    Adventures of Baron Munchausen SOLD
    The Mask of Zorro SOLD
    12 Monkeys
    Erik the Viking SOLD
    Big Trouble in little China SOLD
    Red Sonja

    Wonder Woman TV Series Pilot SOLD
    The Flash TV Series Pilot
    Young Hercules TV Series Pilot
    Young Indiana Jones & The Treasure of the Peathingys Eye
    Beauty & The Beast - Above Below & Beyond

    American History X
    The World is not Enough
    Things to do in Denver When Your Dead
    The X-Files Movie
    The Fugative
    The Doors
    Sid & Nancy
    Natural Born Killers
    The Shining

    Beavis & Butthead do America
    Fear & Loathining in Las Vegas
    One Flew Over the Cookoos Nest
    Monty Pythons Life of Brian

    Metallica Cliff 'Em All
    Metallica 2 of One
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