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Thread: John Woo does new He-Man Movie

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    John Woo does new He-Man Movie

    I read some small articles about this for a long time now, but is it still in pre-production or whatever happended to it? Or is it definately not going to happen now that the 200x cartoon also stopped? If I had the money people and was a director I would make an awesome Motu movie for all fans like myself out there. I would really like to see an awesome new movie, that leaves the 87 version in the gutter. I would include as much characters as possible, with a better beastman (what was that all about? he looked like Skeletor was a stranger in the movie, too distant) and it would have so much potential that even people that don't know Motu would go and see it! As a matter of fact, it would be a HUGE blockbuster, so huge (think Lotr) that it would start the toyline again! Hahahaha lol! I know I have a huge imagination hahaha!

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