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Thread: Hi, long time viewer, first time poster...

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    Hi, long time viewer, first time poster...

    For my grand entrance into NA fandom (which didn't even seem to exist until earlier this year), I was GONNA post a long story about the show and the toys and what they mean to me...memories of playing with my Starship Eternia, of being confused by that mail-away video, of taping episodes from Washington's WDCA Channel 20...I will say this. I've been a He-Fan pretty much since birth, and I swore by the Filmation series and the way they portrayed the characters.

    BUT! When NA came out and I caught the first mini-series and got my He-Man/Slushhead two-pack, I thought..."hey, this is kinda cool." I got hooked (or flogged, you could say

    However, for my first glorious post, I'm gonna ask the exciting and new question that nobody before me has ever dared to bring up *snicker*...does anyone know where I can find pictures and/or fan art of Crita?

    *crickets chirping*

    Well, pleasure before buisness

    Safe journey, everyone...

    -Ryan Vice

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    I used to be a He-Fan, too.
    Try to reach inside of me, try to drain my energy
    Let me show you just what I'm made of
    Simple curiosity trying to take a bite of me
    Let me show you just what I'm made of now...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neophron View Post
    I used to be a He-Fan, too.
    He-Fans on this site? No way...

    10 years too late, but there are a ton of Crita pictures on Google images.

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