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Thread: "The original" He-Man classic figure review thread (now with poll!)

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    Evil Henchman of Hordak Louis649's Avatar
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    The original He-man figure is my favorite from all the MOTU classic toyline because it was the figure I want the most in my childhood and didn't got it until 4 years ago at a Ebay auction. Since that I got all the other MOTU figures I want and didn't have as a child like Stratos, MAA, Trap Jaw, Triklops, etc.
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    10/10, indefinitely.

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    He-man was my brothers first figure. I thought he was ok, but he was no faker. Though I did end up with one when the "the original" blurb appeared. Faker quickly aquired his armor, axe, and shield. In my bizarro type motu world he-man leads the bad guys (my least liked figures) while faker leads the good guys.
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    Court Magician eternian_legend's Avatar
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    i never had the original growing up,the only version i had was battle armor and thunder punch,tho i have all now.. i would always look at the back of the boxes and see the drawing of He-Man in the list of available toys, there was just something about the figure,the leader of the Heroic Warriors,THE most powerful man in the universe.....the simplicity of the design and yet so powerful,it had an aura all of its own, even today and also my favourite figure of all... i only got my original in i think 03,and now i have 4 unopened versions in the commemorative line,the single 1,the 1 in the 5 pack,the battle cat comm. 2 pack and the 1 in the 10 pack
    MOTU just CANNOT be without He-Man!

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    Council Elder zodak74's Avatar
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    Man-At-Arms was the first MOTU figure I got, and so I learned of He-Man through the packaging and the pack-in mini-comic. This was well before the cartoon existed. I was drawn in pretty quickly. I loved the way Alfred Alcala (sp?) drew He-Man in the mini-comics. Big and muscly and floppy blond hair and he could kick some serious ass (without doing things like, say, throw an entire castle through a dimensional gateway. He was presented as strong, but he wasn't quite THAT strong... and he wasn't invincible, either, with characters like Mer-Man giving him a run for his money by stealing his power vest, etc.). I loved the idea that he was this strong warrior tribesman, who was given gifts by the Sorceress that enhanced the strength he already possessed (the aforementioned vest, for instance). This was the He-Man I grew up with, and so the Filmation version of things came as quite a shock ("Prince WHO?! Does what with the Power Sword?! But the Power Sword opens Castle Grayskull, and Skeletor needs both halves to do it!"). The action figure was perfect. It wasn't anything complex or overdone, and that's what always made He-Man stand out from all his fellow action figures when you lined 'em up in battle. He didn't have Samurai Armor, he didn't need to don a headband to go on a Jungle Attack, and when he got chilly (if he ever did) he didn't sport an ice spear and a cape and call it Ice Armor (silly). When He-Man, classic, needed a re-do, they gave him something simple- like Battle Armor. I can buy that. Or gave him a Thunder Punch (okee-dokey). But Mattel lost me with Flying Fists. Shiny chrome armor is nifty, but we don't really need to use those wacky kind of weapons to defeat Skeletor, Hordak, or King Hiss. Classic He-Man with his vest, his shield, his battle ax, and his half of the Power Sword, is pretty much all you need to kick butt all over the place. And Battle Cat, too. Minus the missles and armored toe-toe claws. Mattel got it sooo right, back in the day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arkan View Post
    Back on topic, another thing I like of the figure is the face´s expression. It´s a sort of smile and is also agressive at the same time really cool.
    Yeah, I love his "Take no guff" expression.

    Not much to add... This one's easy

    I gave him a 10
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    Heroic Warrior pain's Avatar
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    He-Man definitely scores a 10 with me.

    I probably had about 4 of them, and I played with all of them.

    Both of the Arnold Conan movies are in my top 20 films of all time, so when I first got this figure, and saw the raw barbarian look, and started reading some of the best fantsy writing ever. (the mini-comics) I was hooked. I remained hooked for the rest of my life, as I do not see me quitting any time soon.

    The huge sword, the double bladed axe, the barbarian circular shield. The manliest and most destructive weapons of all time, yet he used them for good.

    AHHH!!!!!!!!! Good memories.

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    Eternian Henchman motu77's Avatar
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    Why a 10 of course the original is always the best.
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    Heroic Warrior
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    May 2007
    I didn't start collecting MOTU action figures until around the spring of 1984. Man-At-Arms was the first one I bought, and I ended up with almost all of them (I didn't bother with Mosquitor or about half of the Snake Men). I got Battle Armor He-Man more than two years before I could get my hands on an original He-Man figure. For some reason, that particular action figure was frustratingly hard to find.

    The original He-Man figure rates a 10 with me, no doubt about it. He had that classic, muscle-man look with a perfectly formed physique, cool accessories, and, of course, the mini-comic. You really couldn't ask for more from a premiere release of a new toy line.

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    Evil Warrior suckator's Avatar
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    May 2006
    10/10 I used to wish the wristbands were colored in and switched the arms with tri-klops at times.

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    Heroic Dad, Teacher, Nerd Uki's Avatar
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    Jun 2002
    The Woodlands,Tx
    Ten points. I think I'm biased by nostalgia, though. And I didn't have on original HM until late in the eighties (maybe even early nineties!) because the older kid across the street gave me some of his old MOTU figs. (I already had several of my own, but he unloaded a ton on me, many of which were sold/thrown away/lost. Grrr... He was the son of our mayor in Fraser, Michigan. I always thought that was pretty nifty...he died a few years back, actually. He was my sister's first crush! ...She's dead now, too...

    Wow. Now I'm depressed.

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    Heroic Warrior Merman's Head's Avatar
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    As much as I like the other variants in the original line (the only other one I had when I was a kid was BA He-Man) the original was and is still the best of the lot. That was the figure that made me love the line. Also the first MOTU figure I ever got.
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    Heroic Warrior Evil_Horde's Avatar
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    Apr 2009
    10 of course!!

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    Heroic Warrior Skeletortilla's Avatar
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    Feb 2009
    Jefferson, OH
    The original He-man is the most iconic figure of the 80's IMO.

    I had been into Star Wars figures before MOTU came along, and I couldn't get over how BIG the figure seemed compared to the Star Wars figures.

    He-man's sheer size, his weight, and that awesome power punch were enough to take out the entire Empire with one swing, something Luke Skywalker could NEVER do.

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    Heroic Italian Warrior PaoloKr's Avatar
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    Jan 2001
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    The half sword and the unpainted bracelets are a little bit disappointing but besides that he is the first Master of the Universe (for me the second after Skeletor) and so I say 9!
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    Heroic Warrior
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    Jan 2013
    Big surprise, a 10...
    I could not find this guy in stores. Period. Teela? Dozens. Stratos, Man At Arms, etc? Oh, yeah, drowning.
    I went without until a friend gave me his older, paint-rubbed, no-harness-or-weapon-having version once he got one of the newer variants.
    I didn't care, I just 'liberated' the bits from other figs to take the place of his lost ones!

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