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Thread: Roboto classic figure review thread

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    Heroic Warrior MrRoboto's Avatar
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    Wow! Amazing what you can find with the search function Thanks Spacedust for a nice little review. Where to start?

    Roboto wasn't a figure that was common when playing with MOTU figures back in the day. He-Man, Fisto, Skeletor and Whiplash were if i remember correctly, so when i saw Roboto in the toy store i had to have him! The visual appeal as well as the fact that he was "different" played a role too. The three weapons, functioning chest gears, moveable "visor/mouth" - as a kid this figure was awesome! I was disappointed though that he was only in one Filmation episode and clearly feel he could have at least made a few more appearances. Nevertheless, it was enough for me and Roboto was my favourite character/figure from that moment onwards!

    Fast forward to 200X, i'm still in awe whenever i stop to look at this figure. I think the FH did a superb job with Roboto and the fact they retained the functioning gears and visor/mouth piece is a great too. It just wouldn't have been the same without it. I didn't mind that Roboto only had two weapons as i feel the chest armour made up for it. For obvious reasons, Roboto is the centrepiece of my 200X collection and rightly so because he looks awesome! Roboto's Gambit is a great episode from the MYP cartoon and my only wish is that he had more of a presence

    I honestly can't wait for the Classics version - i hope that SDCC this year will be the unveiling of Roboto! The FH have done an excellent job thus far with MOTUC figures and i hope that Roboto will exceed our expectations just like Trap-Jaw and Battlecat for example. Until then, i'll enjoy the vintage and 200X iterations and anticipate the announcement of Classics Roboto...

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    Yes, the Roboto action figure had a heart shaped piece inside of it. Clearly intentional. Very cute!

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    roboto was the s***! growing up

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    Great fig, easily a 10! Sadly, the one my friend had got into some soupy mud while fighting evil, and his delicate plastic gears were never the same!

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