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  • Coca Cola

    15 14.71%
  • Pepsi

    17 16.67%
  • 7-Up

    4 3.92%
  • Sprite

    2 1.96%
  • Dr. Pepper

    16 15.69%
  • Mr. Pibb

    3 2.94%
  • Barqs Root Beer

    3 2.94%
  • Mountain Dew

    10 9.80%
  • Sierra Mist

    0 0%
  • Other (please clarify)

    32 31.37%
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Thread: Favorite Soda

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    Quote Originally Posted by galmorzu View Post
    A&W Cream Soda....necter of the gods.

    I'll concede that that is some tasty stuff!

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    I gave up Soda way back in November, in exchange for only water. BUT, I've strayed once or twice for my favorite soda (Maybe one glass a month, if that)... Orange. Any brand. Just Orange Soda.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jobber View Post
    It might as well be called Soda with all the calories, sugar, and dye in it. Just because it says that it has vitamin C doesn't improve the fact that it still has all the characteristics of Soda.
    exactly, thanks
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    I voted for Coke. Plain old regular Coke. It is my favorite (and yes, I mean Coca-Cola... don't even get me started on that B.S. of calling all soda's a 'Coke'. I don't see how someone can laugh at and find it silly to call it 'pop' but then find it perfectly acceptable to call all other sodas 'Coke'. That's just ludicris).

    Ironically, I think that Diet Coke is probably about the nastiest thing on the face of the earth (soda-wise).

    It's not that I have anything against diet soda's in general. It's just that it seems like Cola's are the worst when it comes to their diet versions tasting anything like their 'regular' counterparts. And Diet Coke is by far the worst of the bunch. While I like regular Coke more than regular Pepsi, I will take diet Pepsi over diet Coke any day of the week (even though diet Pepsi tastes nothing like regular either).

    While not identical to the regular versions, generally speaking, if you get a diet version of a lemon-line soda, orange soda, root beer, or even a cherry-flavored cola, etc. they taste much more similar to their regular equivelants than plain Cola's ever do.

    I will admit that the new Coke Zero is better than diet coke, and as far as a sugar-free cola goes, it's better than the rest, but it's still pretty far from the regular stuff.

    I've been trying to drink more diet Soda lately (since there's so much sugar in the regular stuff). So, things like Diet Mountain Dew, Diet Orange, Diet A&W Root Beer have been what I've been getting.

    Quote Originally Posted by galmorzu View Post
    A&W Cream Soda....necter of the gods.
    You know, I've just found the taste of A&W Cream Soda to be... odd, IMO.

    I grew up drinking a lot of other brands of Cream Soda (in fact, for some reason, it became a tradition in our family to have Cream Soda and Strawberry Soda at Thanksgiving, and I always picked Cream), all of which pretty much tasted the same. Then one day I tried the A&W brand, and it was so far off from them that I was just like "what the hell is this?" I didn't completely hate it, but it wasn't what I was expecting, and it's definately not something that I would go out of my way to get or choose if several other Soda options were available.

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    My favorite soda is and will always remain Dr. Pepper, even though I almost never drink soda these days.


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    I don't know what this "soda" substance is you speak of. We drink pop 'round these parts.

    I don't drink much anymore (trying to be good to the body), but when I do I usually prefer either Dr. Pepper, Cherry Coke/Pepsi, or Root Beer. And ginger ale is always good, too, particularly when the stomach isn't feeling well.

    Although, after I majorly started cutting pop out of my diet in college I have since become an absolute iced tea FIEND.

    I will say, though, probably the best pop I've ever had was Dr. Slice. I only had it once, and it was at a Sbarro's in the mall years ago. It tasted like Dr. Pepper, Cherry Coke, and Root Beer mixed together. Sheer liquid bliss.

    Oh, and that new "all natural" 7-Up absolutely BLOWS. Egchh, it's the most watered down, disgusting thing. No thank you, I won't make that 7-Up mine.
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    If the "Pop" you all speak of loses it's carbonation, what is it called then? Does it then become soda?

    I just call it liquid intake, and I prefer Pepsi. Especially since they are one of my bigger clients.
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    I refuse to drink any Diet Sodas. I'm no health nut, (Though I'm trying to eat better) but I consider diet to be poison

    Not that soda is good for you, but I'm just saying
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    Mountain Dew for me. Orange Crush at close 2nd.
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    i love me some code red. i can't stand regular mountain dew, but i've been finding myself downing at least 2 a day at work.

    i like pretty much any fruit flavored soda though. and i'm also a fan of vanilla flavored colas. it's weird though; even though i prefer regular coke over pepsi, i like pepsi vanilla much more than vanilla coke

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    I like Pepsi better than Coca Cola. My second favourite would be Sprite. Third favourite: Fanta Mandarin.
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    Coke, Cherry Coke and Pepsi.

    All though pop as we call them in England doesn't really do anything to quench my thirst, the only thing that can do that is water.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jobber View Post
    Dr. Pepper. None of that Mr. Pibb crap. Dr. Pepper and Only Dr. Pepper.
    Same here. If I don't have a choice of Dr Pepper, I'll skip the Pibb and go for a Coke.

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    I can drink either diet coke or regular coke. Same with Pepsi. I used to drink regular coke by the gallon, but I was getting way too fat from it, so I switched to diet and actually started to lose weight, so that's what I drink for the most part. Sometimes I'll grab a bottle of regular Coke or Pepsi for a change but mostly I just drink Diet Coke.

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    man thats a hard choice. A&W Cream Soda (or really any kind of cream soda) would be way up there on my list. I've been drinking a lot of coke products latlely so i can get those reward points I'm kind of ticked off that they stopped selling vanilla coke. I also like cherry 7-up but can never find it around here.

    And hawian punch is not soda. Just because it can come in a can doesn't make it a soda. Sodas are carbonated.

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    Right now Pepsi Max.

    However I like Diet Coke as well (especially the Cherry Diet Coke)
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    Dr. Pepper is the way to go for me. In fact I am drinking one right now.
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    I prefer Sprite, nice and ice-cold. I kinda like drinking it in the early hours of the morning when I have those episodes of insomnia. Also goes great with my fillet meal from MaccyDs, which I have about three times a year.

    Am a little picky. Won't drink Pepsi if there's Coca-cola about (yes, I can tell the difference). 7-Ups ok. Find it a bit more fizzy than Sprite (which is more lemon-limey). Dr. Pepper's acceptable.

    Haven't drank the others on the list but ones that aren't there that I WILL drink include:

    - Vimto
    - Fanta (has to be orange, can't stand the others)
    - Apple Tango (the only Tango I WILL drink).
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    cherry coke zero or barq's red creme soda are my faves... although i have to get my fix of barq's from friends in kentucky (and a big repeated thanks for that!!!)

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    I like Pepsi Lime, but lately I can't seem to find it anywhere
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    i prefer Diet Pepsi; but I picked Pepsi.
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    Well I'll drink most any pop. But my fav is Coke. I'll also drink Sprite, Cherry Coke, Dr.Pepper, Mountain Dew Red, and various versions of root beer and Ginger Ale.
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    I voted for Pepsi. When it comes to Root Beer, I prefer either A&W or MUG.

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    I don't drink pop I drink water and I sometimes mix the kool-aid type individual packets into it. The best is the Great Value brand Cherry Limeade. I give it two thumbs up and it's 0 calories with no caffeine.
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