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Thread: Should the New He-Man film have ANY Connection to Earth?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vazqjose View Post
    Include earth just because of marlena? for what? how does that contribute to the story of motu?
    I think Lord_of_destruction did a great job of explaining this one.

    In my opinion, in relation to the original question, as a kid, my two best MOTU moments were the Christmas Special, and the Movie. Both of those were because kids from Earth, my planet, were brought into the world, able to interact with He-man and his warriors, brought onto Eternia to join the struggle, etc.

    As a child, the target audience, that meant it could happen to me. Nothing was more exciting as a kid than seeing my childhood hero interact with us, the ordinary people, and of course us ordinary people being the straw that tipped the balance in the favour of good triumphing over evil.

    Nowaday's I don't think it will make much difference as there aren't really any child fans out there, they'll either be new to the story/characters, or us. I.e. adults who used to be child fans!

    So whether Earth is involved or not, outside He-man's heritage, I don't think will make much difference. If the character is strong enough to have kids walking out thinking they want to be He-man like we did, then knowing that He-man is half Earthling will be as much of a potential draw as it was back then for aftersales of figures and rejuvenation, etc. But without having the prior excitement of knowing the character, actually having him and the warriors interact with Earthlings or not wont make much difference to pulling people in.
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    Lord_of_destruction definitely made some good and valid points there. I was first gona just say no, since I was thinking the same as vazqjose. Then again Marlena being from Earth does make Adam and Adora unique so it might very well serve a good point. However that being said, I really don't want to have that as one of the main focus points of the movie.
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    I say mention earth if you have to but there is a reference to it in the He-man She-ra christmas special. Anyway would their powers work outside of Eternia/Etheria??

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    Yes, but only briefly to start, more as sequels or prequels roll out.

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    yes, but only as a brief mention of marlena's backstory.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JVS3 View Post
    I'd be all for it starting out on Earth with Marlena, with her in a futuristic space program.
    Then it quickly puts her into a mission and gets her lost on Eternia.

    I dunno. I just think for a movie like that, some sort of earth connection would be good.
    And that's a connection that's not excessive.
    It just serves as a gateway into the movie, and helps anchor us around a character to introduce us to others.

    Sure, Marlena being a focus wouldn't be great.
    But it could work if they do it right, and never make Marlena our primary focus to start with.

    I'm just free-thinking out loud at this point...
    This to me would be the only scenario that Earth should be used in the film other than that with today's technology in film, it should be based on Eternia/Etheria.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Omega View Post
    No. No Earth.

    Marlena is too minor of a character to get into her back story.

    Just let Eternia stand on it's own for this film.

    LOTR didn't need an Earth tie-in.

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    I say no- the above sums up my opinion nicely.

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    Only connection should be showing how his ma landed on etrrnia. That would take place in the beginning right after they show how it all started in preternia then take place when Adam and adora were born and adora gets kidnapped
    Then it should take place when Adam is an adult and go from there. Jordan should remain a mystery after that and then come into the story in part two or something.

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    You know...

    I can't help but think that this poll has been giving me the middle finger, ever since I started it.

    No comment.

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    Its a good question.
    Earth is a point of sub-mythology, that you can believe in a fact that has no affect on the subject matter.
    Earth can be clearly shown in a movie, but only the Rainbow Rocket is necessary to be seen or mentioned in dialogue to perpetuate the sub-myth of Adam and Adora being people like you and me with extra-strength and extra-power.

    Establishing that Eternia is a magical and very different place is necessary to the beginning of the story, or as it is in the 'first' movie, that is also because you can tie in the truly alien nature of Orko at the same time, and since neither Orko or Marlena are huge characters their structure is less important to the beginning of all things Masters.

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    God, NO! The scenes on earth were the worst thing about the movie. Please, DON`T!
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