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Thread: New Characters

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    Heroic Warrior hawggie's Avatar
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    I went with maybe. Anybody with a character arc should be somebody already established. Cannon fodder, on the other hand (eg Saurod), is ok.

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    No. There are way too many characters already and the need for new ones isn't there. Tell the story as it was intended...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red Trinity View Post
    No, not yet. Back when the old movie was made the toyline was still going, there were magazines and comic books, and MOTU was everywhere, so any new characters had a chance to be put into the mainstream line (as happened with Gwildor, Saurod and Blade).

    Now there's nothing, and this is our only chance to see our favorite characters in anything new. So I'd rather have a new movie toyline Triklops, for example, than some new random made-up bad guy that would fill his position.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Bock View Post
    I don't see why they should put new characters on the film.
    We don't need new characters yet, for a cartoon that would be ok but for the movie no way!

    MOTU has so many great characters that deserve to show up, that I would hate if some new weird character took the place of one of them.

    So my answer is no, I don't want new characters in the movie.
    Thank you, no new characters, and no characters from the 87 movie either.

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    Yes, not too many, maximum of two, but yes. It is sad that now, it is like "forbidden" to create a character in a movie of comic/toys/animation series, be imaginative.

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    I am fine if they create characters in the movie, but only if it helps the story in some way. They have a multitude of characters to choose from already and I would love to see them used before creating new ones.
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    Absolutely not. We've already have a movie featuring almost exclusively new characters outside of the core heroes and villains. Not that I minded it then, as I loved Karg and Saurod. But MOTU and POP have a gigantic catalog of amazing characters, each of which already have devoted fans. It's time we have a film that exploits this vast catalog of characters, and does justice to the already established canon.
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    We're in a slightly different situation now in that when the last movie was filmed, MOTU was still in full swing, (despite being on the way out as it's fan-base grew up, I mean business wise) bringing out new characters, toys, and merchandise all the time. So at that point putting new characters in the film was a great idea as new characters was one of the staples of MOTU.

    However nowadays, there's not a toy/comic/book/cartoon line with regular new characters. The only toy line they are bringing out is old characters. The reason for the movie would be completely different. I.e. it's not part of the MOTU machine in the same way it was back then.

    So there's certainly no need for new characters, but it would be nice to chuck a couple in to recapture some of the excitement of what MOTU once was. So in that respect, I'm indifferent as to whether they add new characters or not. It would be cool to see some new characters, but just seeing the old characters brought to life would be cool too. Especially with some fresh new designs to fit a movie.

    In terms of using characters that were in the '87 film, well, they're just MOTU characters aren't they! Whether their first debut was in the movie, rather than the cartoon, or a mini-comic, or a ladybird book, etc. is irrelevant. Seems strange to segregate them into some kind of sub-section.

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    Heroic Italian Warrior PaoloKr's Avatar
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    Absolutely not.
    The MOTU universe has so many characters that we don't need new ones.
    At least not in the first movie.
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    MOTUC fan! Evil_Horde's Avatar
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    Not! For me the characters must be the same of original story!

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    Heroic Master of Tugging CarKrash's Avatar
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    I think that by and large new characters are not needed to fill any hero/villain roles. We have plenty of characters already established. What may be needed however is civilian type characters..

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    Heroic Warrior Grayskull_Khan's Avatar
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    Maybe in the further on sequels but for the early films no. Not needed. He-Man has a lush history behind it that a new character isn't needed.

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    Heroic Warrior Stuart's Avatar
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    Why New? If It Ain't Broke...

    My personal opinion is that a new character shouldn't be needed. I understand that if a script calls for a new character - blah, blah, yeah, yeah, but there's like twenty different heroes and twenty different villians we eventually want to see on film. It's hard enough to justify more than about five on each side per movie (unless some are just going to lack much personality), but who are you going to invent that can't be handled by one of the other characters? A match for He-Man? Let's just make Skeletor stronger for the film (at least as a sorcerer), two barbarians bashing on each other doesn't seem quite as interesting to me as the master sorcerer versus the barbarian. Just because Faker may have been done poorly before doesn't mean a good writer couldn't fix that... Would even be a cool subplot for a sequel that had He-Man leaving Eternia to find his sister Adora... Faker could be used to cover for He-Man until something goes wrong, then Skeletor gains control and gives us the action figure version for a battle where He-Man smashes Faker to bits. There's almost too many heroes and villians unless the story is fleshed out over a three to five film saga. But it's just my personal opinion that you not add new characters... I could though maybe see like an Eternian soldier that kind of stood out, at least a reference character for the Eternian army... Maybe Teela's better off handling that role... Anyway, what kind of new character do you want to see that would have to potentially replace a classic character?

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    Snappy Threader
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    I put maybe, but with all of the hundreds of characters available, I would hope they would throw some of them in....

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    MOTU has SO many characters to choose from, there`s no need to create new ones.
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    Not yet, but then again Sony is gonna want a piece of the pie and definitely urge to have someone or something that would allow them some proprietary ownership and profit form the line which is why they even bothered to green light it so I hope it DOES NOT become a MAJOR factor for the movie!
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    If the character(s) work within the context of the story, I have no objections. If they are shoe-horned in or have the same abilities as an already established MOTU character and are used over them, then no.
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    Yes, but only minor characters, in addition to classics! (I want toys of new characters too!)
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    Not only do I think they should have all original characters, and no new characters, for the live action film, but I think they should keep the original characters as authentic to the original artists concepts, as possible.

    Not only did I not like the addition of new characters, in the original live action film, I strongly disliked how they changed familiar characters. For example, the Teela did not feel like Teela, in the original film. She's such an important character, and it felt as though she was a throw-away character, in the film. They spent more time casting the young human girl (Cortney Cox), than they did casting Teela.

    What I loved about the animate films, was it felt like watching an episode of the cartoon. Even when they introduced She-Ra, it felt like an extention of the familiar toy-line and cartoons.

    They messed-up the first film. They messed-up the New Adventures of He-Man, and to some degree they messed-up the 200x series, although, the 200x series had a lot of depth in the story arc, but all of the characters seemed a bit hunch-back, and dark.

    The Classics toy-line is a return to the Master's of the Universe, of yester-year, and has renewed interest in the series, in a way that, even the 200x series, couldn't do. There would not be a film, if not for the Masters of the Universe Classics toy line. Yeah, I know, there have been comics, and other things, since, but its the MOTUC, that's really given new interest, to this old franchise.

    Of course, its important to note, that even MOTUC has added new characters. In-fact, there are fan-created characters, in the MOTUC line, including my favorite Standor. :-) Alright, I wouldn't mind seeing Stan Lee have a walk-on as Standor, lol. That would be pretty cool. I highly doubt he'd do it, but, if they could get Stan Lee to play Standor, I may make an exception to my no new characters rule.

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    Any new live action MOTU movie should be able to incorporate new characters into the mythos as well as featuring existing characters.

    If the choice was between radically changing the nature of an existing character or creating a new character, I definitely say go with the latter!

    MOTU fans are well used to new characters turning up in various media without detracting from the appreciation of the existing cast. Usually these new characters were representations of new waves of toys, but not always (looking at you Karg and about 200 Filmation characters).

    Seems to me adding new characters via a movie alongside the existing cast is far preferable to creating new characters via the mini-comics that exist only in some far future era and/or dimension whereby said new characters cannot be easily (if ever made into MOTUC figures) displayed alongside figures of the existing cast of 'contemporary' characters - or indeed alongside even the Preternia era figures.

    Saurod and Blade were excellent additions to MOTU. The lamentable failure of the 1987 movie to feature Trap Jaw, Mer-Man and Tri-Klops does not detract from the merits of these characters being added to the mythos.
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    I voted Maybe but honestly don't see the need. The cartoons and comics have all proven that it is impossible to work in most of the existing cast in regular and compelling ways yet we know that there is a character currently in cannon that meets almost any situation. Use what is known - even if that means making popular characters into nothing more than a cameo in the film.
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    Heroic Warrior crashdiary27's Avatar
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    Negative. Lets just see if they can get it right with the many characters that already exist first.

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    Heroic Warrior InThe80s's Avatar
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    You guys are setting yourself up for disappointment because it is pretty much guaranteed to be NEW characters in the live action movie. That is a given.

    In the cartoon Skeletor was always getting new henchmen and He-Man always needs a new face to save. It will most likely be a woman though to balance out the over abundance of male roles. People complain about Karg and Blade but consider how much screen time Courtney Cox had in the original 1987 movie. The plot of the movie practically revolved around her character.

    Just a brain fart plot here BUT what IF:
    - A random NEW female character saw Adam transform in to He-Man. (Only Man-at-arms, Orko, and the Sorceress are supposed to know)
    - The new character then falls in love with He-Man and black mails him with the secret by threatening to "out" him.
    - This is then used to build a farcical love triangle between He-Man/Adam, Teela, and the new character. (Hollywood loves this kind of thing)

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    SoH Supporter He-Dad's Avatar
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    Jar jar binks would fit pretty well meesa thinks

    All kidding aside, new characters can be cool. They just need to be done right.

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    I said yes, but it comes with a lot of qualification. It is okay for a new movie to add new characters, so long as there isn't an existing character within the MotU canon that could fill that role, and given the expanse of that canon, there isn't much that can't be handled by an existing character. As a blatant example, it would not be okay for them to introduce "Feral-Guy," an animalistic henchman of Skeletor, with secret ambitions to overthrow his master. There is Beast Man, and that is his thing.

    But, I don't want to see them change a canon character so much that it is unrecognizable, just to use the name. I don't want Tri-Klops to be a mystic shaman with two regular eyes and a supernatural "third eye" that can see into the future. I don't want Beast Man to be a human that just controls animals through telepathy.

    If the writers have a good story with a plot that an existing character fits into reasonably well, then use an existing character. If it would require completely changing a character, make a new one.
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    prior to the 80's movie I didn't want new characters but Blade, Gwildor, Surod and Karg worked out great!
    was delighted to have em as classics figures and Blade particularly I consider a highlight of the film.

    so as long as the characters are well done I say let's keep expanding the motu universe.
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