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  • BattleCat and Cringer can both talk

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  • Neither BattleCat nor Cringer can talk

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Thread: Does Battle Cat need a voice actor?

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    1,474 he's like the Indian in 'Legends of the Fall'..?
    "..wouldn't lower himself to speak English. But be careful what you say, he understands it perfectly well."

    Cat and Swifty express the feeling Adam and Adora hide.
    If you could do this without talking, I'd like to meet the animator/compositor and shake their hand.

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    Neither should talk, it would turn out silly.
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    Yes. Kids will Eat. That. Up.

    ...and so will I.
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    Get rid of Orko? know they'd never do that willingly.

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    The whole giant monsterous tiger decked out in armour concept becomes less epic and awe inspiring once it starts talking .

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