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Thread: He-mans transformation

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    I agree. I think updating the classics all around is the best idea here. We are celebrating He-Man and the Masters of the Universe figures by updating the classic figures, so let's update the movie to be based on the classic cartoons and comics. I would've loved to see how MYP would've done Adora and her She-Ra transformation. I think it should be a mixture, I guess. I'd enjoy seeing a young Adam transform (or grow) into his He-Man self.

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    My post from 2 years ago on the previous page still stands!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Latveria View Post
    hmm... I am not sure what I would want.

    I would like the wording and whatnot to be the same, but I definitely don't want to see Castle Grayskull show up as a backdrop when he does it. Maybe he could do it in front of Grayskull the first time to make it look a lot like the original cartoon, but when he is elsewhere, subbing in the castle during the sequence would look asinine.
    I agree with this. Just have him change in front of the Castle this first time he changes. If the castle were in the background every other time he changed, no matter where he was at, it would look hokey...sorta like Power Rangers or those other sentai stock footage transformations.

    Part of me would like to see something where his body sorta bulks up, like when Banner is hulking out, but i am not sure if it would work because the clothing needs to suddenly appear somehow. I wouldn't want ripping clothes, but i kinda like the idea to see the growing.. so not sure how that could be done.
    It worked for MYP, to show that Adam grows in size, but I think a huge flash of energy like Filmation is the best thing. It could look screwy if the CGI looks bad.

    Filmation's actual transformation was better, but I loved the lead up and music in MYP better. Whenever Adam was about to change there was this music, while Filmation just played the show's theme. I also liked Grayskull lighting up.
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    Everything about the transformation in the Marks script is weak.
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    Is there even a transformation sequence in the Marks script?
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    it SHOULD be the original version with some added elements, not just 'puff!'

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    At least the first time he transforms should be in front of Castle Grayskull.
    For the other times, honestly, I would say no.
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    Absolutely the cartoon trasformation!

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    Original version of course !!! Come on we are waiting for a decent movie almost 20 years!!
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    Cartoon for sure no doubt.

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