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  • Early mini-comics

    42 25.00%
  • Filmation

    37 22.02%
  • Later mini-comics

    8 4.76%
  • New Adventures

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  • 200x revamp

    59 35.12%
  • Something totally new

    22 13.10%
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Thread: Which 'version' of MOTU would you like to see used?

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    Something between Filmation and the 200x revamp. He man for the most of us is not a mindless barbarian/Conan type ,his strategy is excellent.What he man should be like is this:
    His powers are of a magic origin, skeletor cannot harm him at all in a direct hand to hand fight . his bolts can only weaken him . The real threat for him would be when skeletor summons beasts deamons ect. or when he uses magic objects .Most important he doesn't need to use a laser gun.The fact tha He-man is really powerfull should be demonstrated not like in the movie of the 1987.He can throw rocks fall from great height and cannot be harmed,things like this show that his powers are of a magic origin. The double identity should be used to imply that Adam doesn't enjoy being He-man as much as we think.Both cartoon versions implied that.Lastly leave the masters of the universe world of the cartoon series untouched .Do not give us a super version of a beastman or Cyclops cause these guys never really put he-man in a danger ,they pose a threat for teela , stratos and man at arms.

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    Without a shadow of a doubt, a combination of Filmation and the original toy line
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    200X, there's nothing better!

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    I'm going with the 2002 revamp but I'd like a mix of Filmation & MYP.

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    The 2002 series basically hands you on a silver-platter the best outline and building blocks for a new live action movie trilogy.

    Everything needed is there.
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    I really want my MOTU movie to appear visually as a blend of "Lord Of The Rings", "300" with a little "Star Wars". I know it may sound like a Frankenfilm of geektastic proportions, but seriously, it could work. I want to see direction, acting and action all seemlessly blended together into a 3 hour epic.

    I want menancing villains, and dashing, inspiring heroes. I want intense battles showcasing the magic and technology of this strange world known as Eternia. Thats the key selling point of MOTU. Its not just sword/sorcery, there's super technology as well!

    I want sweeping landscapes and a musical score that will haunt you on your journey. I want beasts and machines. Action sequences on land, in water and in the air. I want it ALL and I want it handled correctly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sky Breaker View Post
    I want to see direction, acting and action all seemlessly blended together into a 3 hour epic.
    In its first outing, IMO there's no way they should try to make it 3 hours long.
    I'd shoot for as close to 2 hours as possible.

    If it takes off, and audiences are responding to the more epic qualities of it, then I could see a second, or third film being longer.

    But especially since Mattel is going to want to target family audiences, or at least make the film family friendly, 3 hours would be a bad move.

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    I voted early minicomics, even if it could never be exactly like that.
    I will be very unpopular by saying this, but IMO the filmation cartoon took something away from the original concept!
    The first thing is Adam: at that time it was cool the hidden identity of an hero and it was seen in many cartoons and I think it was done so that every kid watching the toons dreamed about having the possibility to tranform into an hero, keeping the attention toward the toys line alive. Beside this I think that there were no need of Adam....and this is just one example, but there would be many....
    The early barbarian-dark-sorcery like idea became what We all know and love, but I remember that even back in the 80's I was not satisfied about that!

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    A mix of early mini-comics and some elements from Filmation would be great.
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    Now that we are a bit further into MOTUC I wouldn't the movie to be based on the bios.

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    Give us something new! The movie demands it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LORD FALLEN ELDOR View Post
    stylisticallyIt needs to have the scope, grandeur and beauty of Filmation's background paintings but also capture the foreboding Frazetta inspired mystique of the early box art and first few mini comics. Eternia needs to impress upon us an all encompassing sense of wonder that makes Niagara falls, the Great Pyramids and Grand Canyon look like a child's' finger painting by comparison. The music must stay in our heads like filmation's catchy toons but be augmented with the most epic and inspiring score we have heard.

    The Story needs strong character driven plot lines like MYP had at times but also needs to focus on the family bonds like filmation did so well. This time we really need something NEW, those bonds have to be tested so we know they are true! We need to be able to understand who these people are and why they do the heroic or twisted things that they do. Above all this it needs the strength that comes from the Mythology of Filmation, the later mini comics and MYP. Only the best of the best as it's filtered and made into a stronger continuity.

    This movie needs to have;

    An epic score that would make John Williams say "wow"

    A visual style that would make Zack Snyder jealous and proud

    A plot that could be written better then Scorsese could ever dream

    Action packed excitement and adventure that would put Spielberg and Lucas to shame.

    Actors that have us questioning if this could somehow all be real!

    The people who develop this need to be the most talented people in all creation, and it should be the best film anyone has ever seen.
    Isn't it is titled MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE after all?
    AMEN!!! I concur!

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    I vote for the 200x version, love the cartoon and I think it will make the best movie

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheVileOne View Post
    The 2002 series basically hands you on a silver-platter the best outline and building blocks for a new live action movie trilogy.

    Everything needed is there.
    I agree....perfeckt for a foundation!
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    For this list, I'm voting 200x. As the main groundwork for the story, the 200x series took itself seriously and gave many of us an origin story that realigned with the Filmation series of the 80's. However, the original mini-comics had a completely different origin story for He-Man that involved the Green Goddess. I like the way the marketing department handling the new "Classics" series is blending these two together. The directing/action should be taken seriously in the sense that they respect the characters and their situation within the realm of their world. Probably a young and eager director that can really keep the film on a budget and has a young enough since of comedy to lighten up the experience throughout a 2 - 2 1/2 hour film. Someone that can tie-in these comedic elements that can make a film go from just serious (Superman: The Movie) to serious, but a good time (Superman II - I know, old examples, but some of you know what I mean, I hope). Giving the characters real personalities will bring the right elements, comedic or tragic out of them in their environment. For example, even though we know Star Wars isn't real and that Yoda is a puppet, he still feels very real in Empire Strikes Back. He is both funny and serious from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... The physical action is also better defined in the 200x series as it was designed so closely after the rise of Kung Fu and other martial arts in films like The Matrix and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Personally, I think that type of action has finally been played out to the fullest extent, but as a guideline, it took itself seriously as the action in the film should as well. As far as art direction is concerned, I'd say the old mini-comics and Filmation series had the best look. Alot of my favorite designs are from the mini-comics and "The Power of Point Dread" story and record book. But for Eternia, the place, or the world of Eternia, Filmation's colorful moody backgrounds set a tone unmatched since... The music should probably be more related to the 200x series as well for the same reason that it seems to take itself more seriously. The 80's/disco theme of the original Filmation series should be avoided as far as provoking action, but a cameo of it by the Royal Band at the Palace or a Mos Eisley Bar Band type would be a great nod to the fans. Otherwise, a theme heavy score with trace elements of the original MYP 200x and 80's Filmation cues used with a full orchestra and light synth would be excellent for giving passion to the characters and defining the world they live in. As far as producing this film goes, I would look at fantasy films with large fanbases and see how much money on effects should really be spent or on good directorial/acting talent. I'd love to see a beautiful Eternia, but not at the cost of an idiot He-Man stumbling around it. But anyway, at this point the marketing has done so much for the story since combining everything into a new retconned official version (Classics), the legends of the Cosmic Enforcers and Masters of the Universe are developing at an alarming rate. I think if we follow their lead and put together a good affordable script that tells the story we all want to hear, we should be in good shape no matter what.

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    how about just an actual version we can see
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    200X all the way. =3

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    NA Most Loved: Crita, Hoove
    MYP Most Loved: Skeletor, Orko, Snake Men
    MOTUC Most Wanted: MYP Skeletor, MYP Kobra Khan, Enchantress

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    if its a cartoon it should be a revamp of the myp

    if its live action... well it should be new.

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    I voted Filmation as that's what i know best, but ideally, i'd like to see a mix of each mythos be integrated with a LOTR type feel to the movie.

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    Updated version of Filmation and mini comics combo....

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    filmation design and ideas, but with a tone closer to 200x
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