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Thread: Dragon Blaster Skeletor vintage figure review thread

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    Dragon Blaster Skeletor vintage figure review thread

    Well, last week we looked at Thunder Punch He-Man, so lets this week turn our attentions to the 4th Wave's Skeletor variant, DRAGON BLASTER SKELETOR.

    Dragon Blaster Skeletor is the only Skeley variant that doesn't mirror the wave's He-Man variant (i.e. Battle Armor He-Man and Skeletor, Laser Lights, Terror Claws mirrors Flying Fists, etc.).

    This version of the Evil Lord of Destruction featured a 'dreadful' dragon on his back. This dragon could be filled with water which he could squirt (a la Kobra Khan and the later Snout Spout).

    Some promotional shots show this version of Skeletor to wear his pronged belt as the original version did, but no figures were actually released with this belt.

    The dragon can be found with a variant mouth - some are painted red, others are plain white.

    The figure is fun to play with, with the dragon squirting venom (i.e. water) over their victims, and it's nice for Skeletor to have a pet (although he already has Panthor, but he's too big to fit on his back).

    Dragon Blaster Skeletors can be found with a bit of hunting on the second hand market. In my own experience, the chains that run through Skeletor's chest armor and around the dragon are the hardest to find complete.

    Needless to say, as with any variants of He-Man or Skeletor, there was never any appearance of DB Skeletor in the Filmation series.

    200x didn't really bother with any He-Man or Skeletor variants, so there was no update of this Skeletor and his dreadful dragon.

    All-in-all, I like this version of Skeletor. I'll give it a favourable 9 out of 10.

    So there are my own thoughts on DB Skeletor.
    Now I'd really like to hear your own thoughts, comments, criticisms, memories... anything related to the figure.
    And as always, whether you post or not, don't forget to rate the figure in the poll!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spacedust View Post
    200x didn't really bother with any He-Man or Skeletor variants, so there was no update of this Skeletor and his dreadful dragon.
    Yeah man, the 200x line needed more varients.

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    I gave him only a 4. Why? Despite the interesting feature of the spitting-dragon (which gave it all its points), I always thought stupid and useless to make manymany variants of the same character. What is the big deal with making many variants like: Regular Skeletor, Dragon-Blaster Skeletor, Battle Armored Skeletor, Evil Claws Skeletor, Bedtime Skeletor, Bathtime Skeletor, Skeletor dressed for the Ball... Skeletor is Skeletor. So, if the makes wanted to make new accessories for Skeletor, to me, they just had to make each accessory LOOSE and being able attaching to ONE Skeletor figure. See what I mean?

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    I gave him a 5. While I don't hate the figure, I never found him appealling as a kid...thought the whole concept was kind of odd. I remember having the choice between him or terror claws, I took tc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spacedust View Post
    The dragon can be found with a variant mouth - some are painted red, others are plain white.
    I think you confused Terror Claws Skeletor variants (red and white mouth of a dragon like weapons)...there are a few variants of Dragon Blaster Skeletor but those aren't based on mouth paint of a dragon.

    1. There is made in Maxico variant with HARD RUBBER HEAD and with purple feet/boots. There are two variants of this one...with large and with small feet.

    2. There is made in Hong Kong variant (marked Mattel. inc.) with HARD PLASTIC HEAD, and large feet/boots colored from dark blue to almost dark gray.

    3. Also we have figure marked FRANCE (not sure is it really from France or Spain) with SMALL FEET and SOFT RUBBER HEAD with terrible paint job on the face.

    4. and another one from MEXICO, but from LOS AMOS, has a different paint job on the face than figures from Mexico described above.

    The figure with belt, showed in some Mattel publications is just a prototype which is made from TAIWAN figure (the most recognizable paint job of the face on a soft rubber head as seen in Skeletor and Battle Armor Skeletor figures which were produced in Taiwan), but Dragon Blaster Skeletor was never produced there.

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    it is simply my favourite version of Skelly ever and I am really looking for the MOTUC version...

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    I gave him a 10. When I first bought DB Skeletor I found it cool to play with and he's quite difficult to stand upright because of his heavy armour (The dragon adds more weight to it, I guess).
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