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Thread: Small Art Dump

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    Small Art Dump

    Well, recently I learned better what can be accomplished with my Photoshop CS's "Pen-Tool" and been tinkering with digital inking, and in general more in the vector-like drawing method.

    The very first thing I wanted to draw, was Kim Possible, because I've been dying to make fan-art of her, but knowing that I couldn't get smooth curvy lines with my pencil against the paper, I never drew her, until now.

    With Kim Possible-fanart, it's also fun to experiment with textures and patterns that appear on the cartoon-show. Been doing my best to emulate the look.

    I also gazed at some other cartoon-shows, that have strong smooth styles, and they seem to be everywhere, from PowerPuff Girls to Johnny Bravo.

    Well my favourite show was Dexter's Laboratory, and I love the episode where his Babysitter shows up and he is smitten with her.
    Decided to showcase Dexter's day-dream of the babysitter in a trekkie-outfit.

    For my first MotU-image, there is a drawing of Hordak that I inked for barnabas13 in his thread
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    Love it Jukka!
    We all know what piece I like!...
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    Ah, great stuff. So you do the sketches with pencil and paper, right? And then you do the inking with the pen-tool in PS?

    Have you considered buying a Wacom Bamboo for drawing and inking in the computer? ( I'm asuming you're still using a mouse) I got one myself two months ago, and it's pretty great. If you order from Germany, they're not so expensive at all.

    I've been thinking about learning how to draw some powerpuff girls myself btw, I'm thinking simple art like that might be the thing to start with, when you're on my..let's say, "less developed" level.

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