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Thread: Should Orko be in the movie?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 8-Bit Star View Post

    Because he's ORKO, dangit!

    If this were a New Adventures movie you could forego him (but then you'd have to get Jim Carrey to play Skeletor), but.... nah. leaving out Orko is like leaving out Scrappy Doo. Both underappreciated characters who filled a very strong niche and were actually useful outside of just comic relief. You can't forego Orko!

    But the new movie makers are probably going to anyway, just like how they didn't even introduce the flippin' Transformers until halfway through the movie.
    You're absolutely right! He is more important that mere comic relief. I think we can compare him to Pippin in LOTR. (Sorry to make the reference, but it seems appropriate in this case.) I'm an Orko fan all the way! I can't wait until his MOTUC figure comes out!

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    in short:

    only 3 people know my secret. Man-at-arms, ORKO and the Sorceress
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    Yes, Orko needs to be in it. He should have been in the 87 movie and was very important in the Filmation series (knows the secret, in most the episodes, etc.). I doubt they will make Battle-Cat/Cringer talk, so Orko would provide most of the comedy relief. If done wrong, Orko could go horribly bad I must admit, but if that is the case, I have a feeling a lot more will be worse in the movie than just Orko.

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    I actually think he should be saved for the sequel. Kind of like Yoda in The Empire Strikes Back. I wouldn't mind seeing ORKO portrayed as a comical, strange little individual who deliberately provokes Adam/He-Man in the same way that Yoda provoked Luke. Like Yoda (and like the Trollan in "Powers of Grayskull"), I would like to see an Orko who has a bit of mystery to him.... something that suggests to the audience that he is not quite as "silly and immature" as he appears to be to the Eternians.

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    Trust me, ORKO will be in the movie regardless of what any of us prefer. Comedy relief from a CAT? nahhhh.

    I think they could do it very styley. Get someone REALLY funny to do the voice and characterize it very unexpectedly.
    DOUG STANHOPE as the VOICE of Orko...

    a really SURLY and chumpy Orko who hates his job and could truly VAPORIZE anyone in the whole freakin Castle at any moment, but has to play it off like he's weak. Like maybe the Sorceress assigned him to be "right in there" to protect Adam and the secret blah blah blah
    MAA is (like Rahl) STEEL AGAINST STEEL
    Sorceress is protecting Castle Grayskull or some such bizzz.

    Thank you thank you, I'll be here all week.
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    Yes but heavily re-worked. I donīt want goofy things in a nowadays Motu movie, it will just make the movie look silly.
    When I mean Orko to be re-worked I donīt mean for him not to be funny I just donīt want him to be goofy.
    He will be a cool character for the kids to enjoy, I think there are great directors out there to make this movie really work and turn it into a big sucess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warpigs View Post
    I think orko should defiantly be in the flix. not putting him in the movie would be like not putting Man-At-Arms or Prince Adam in it. He was a very important character in the toon. Not to mention he was 1 of only 3 who knew who he man was.

    I think he still should be a wise crack, but somehow in the film do something important to show he still can be grown up or make good decisions, so to speak.
    I totally agree with this.
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    If Orko is gonna be in the movie, I figure they should take cues design-wise from the MYP cartoon, and make it that he's not incompetent, he's simply out of his element. Perhaps have the Sorceress take him on as a student to help him gain better control of his powers? Seriously, why has nobody considered doing that sooner?!

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