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  • Gwildor

    16 15.09%
  • Saurod

    36 33.96%
  • Blade

    55 51.89%
  • Karg

    9 8.49%
  • The Storm Troopers

    11 10.38%
  • Detective Lubic

    22 20.75%
  • The kids

    2 1.89%
  • Other

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Thread: Best Character Introduced in the Movie

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    Best Character Introduced in the Movie

    Please select all that apply
    People who say certain characters should never be remade is stupid. Throw rocks at them.

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    Heroic Warrior hawggie's Avatar
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    Nobody takes pop shots at Lubic!

    But Blade is a fairly close second.
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    I'd say all the new villans were really great additions, but my favourite is definetly Karg, there is something really creepy and frightning about him, he scared me as a kid, especially in the opening scenes were he trashes Gwildor's cave, and his ugly face emerges from the smoke.

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    Eternian Henchman motu77's Avatar
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    No seriously, I liked Blade the best. He always reminded me of Tri Klops and he had an ok sword fight against He-Man.
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    I am Tri-Klops! Vahn's Avatar
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    BLADE was my favorite new villain because he was badass! I wish he could've appeared on the cartoon.
    SAUROD was a close second because he looked really cool, and fit well in MOTU.
    DETECTIVE LUBIC, believe it or not was my other favorite character. He was the only Earthling I really liked, maybe partly because I just like James Tolkan.
    KARG almost made it on my list, but loses because of that stupid-looking Tina Turner wig. Even as a kid I thought that looked retarded. I was quite miffed when SKELETOR fried SAUROD instead of him. We could've had a scary lizard guy in the final battle, but noooo!
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    Master of Power Suction Killian's Avatar
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    I put Blade because he seemed like a swordsman with such skill that he could be a match for He-Man. I also put Gwildor, not because he's a worthwhile character but just because he's infinitely less annoying than Orko lol.
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    Heroic Master of Typos davidlogan's Avatar
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    I am with ya Vahn. I used to always wish Skeletor would have blasted Karg instead. Saurod was much cooler.

    Anyway, I vote Lubic!!!! Blade is a close second. I even have some love for Gwildor. He never bothered me.

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    Cobra Saboteur Firefly's Avatar
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    I thought Blade was the coolest looking character introduced. Saurod would have been my favorite toy of the movie ones if his darn sparks would have lasted longer.

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    Heroic Italian Warrior PaoloKr's Avatar
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    Definitely Blade was the coolest. But I don't know why I always loved Gwildor!
    And I think that in the right hands can be a really interesting and powerful character.
    Someone like Yoda in Star Wars...
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    Mix 'n' Match Monger wallbie's Avatar
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    Lubic's great because the whole war from another universe thing doesn't click with him until it's all over and he's sitting in Castle Grayskull with his wench with a butch haircut. Hey, you know what? I think that was the same haircut that guy had who posed as He-Man in Northpark Mall!

    Yeah, I agree the three henchmen were awesome. I remember I was bummed as a kid when Skeletor killed his Mer-Man replacement. Besides, it's kinda logical he would do in Saurod/Mer-Man since he controls the Aquatica army and all. Well, that statement doesn't hold weight with Saurod, but Mer-Man's still a threat to Skeletor and all.

    I'll agree with most of you on Blade. He was definitely the coolest around for the mercenaries. Karg was pretty cool, but he didn't scream Trap Jaw to me until it finally clicked when I got the DVD back when it came out. Gwildor's pretty interesting because you've got Orko and the four scientists of Primus all rolled into one. Also, it's sweet because he made the Inifinity Gauntlet or Green Lantern Ring equivalent for MOTU.
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    Assimilate, or else!! krosfyah's Avatar
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    Blade first Saurod second. Karg was alright but he didn't do much for me. my criteria was who would I love to see brought back in a new line and it was blade and saurod hands down. I could take or leave karg and gwildor.
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    Mix 'n' Match Monger wallbie's Avatar
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    I'm kinda ticked off now that I think of it. I should've voted for "other" because Charlie the music store owner was like the best character out of the whole movie! He's the only one who caught onto the severity of the whole otherworldly war unfolding on Earth and likened it to "Invasion of the Body Snatchers." Sure, he was way off, but he was in the right genre. Besides, he was prepared! Not only did he have a police scanner to keep everyone informed when it all hit the fan, but he hooked Lubic up with a gun. How in the world could I have missed that one!?

    Yeah, Charlie's so cool that there needs to be an action figure for him in the new line. If folks are putting out threads for a "Josh" action figure from like two pages of a She-Ra mini-comic, there needs to be a Charlie action figure complete with a police scanner, necked keyboard or guitar, and maybe a "Native Clothing" Gwildor variant finger puppet. You know, kinda like when Lion-O and Mumm-Ra started coming packaged with Snarf and Ma-Mutt finger puppets respectively.

    In fact, I demand there be a Charlie the music store owner Smilie here on the ORG so I can drive my facetiousness home!
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    Skeletors evil colorist Predabot's Avatar
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    I definitely think that the best new character was Blade, great potential there. Altho Saurod probably has the better and cooler design, his personality was not as great.

    But seeing as Skeletor was so different and bad-ass, I'd almost say Skelly himself was the best new character.. heh heh.

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    Heroic Warrior triklops3eyes's Avatar
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    I voted for Lubic and the New Villains. I'm always up for more villainy, Lubic was just hella cool in that Oh i'm on another planet, theres a guy with a bare skull, and an ape man, I'ma shoot at them.

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    Evil Warrior Machinitess's Avatar
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    Blade, Lubic, Saurod, Gwildor, Karg-- they all have their own charm and fit very well in the MOTU universe.

    Gwildor and Karg looked like they might have been from the same species, if Karg was the 'corrupted and cyborged' version-- and I thought Gwildor might have been a Widget, so I usually just say they both are.

    Blade reminds me of Triklops, and so I think of him as his protege. I voted for him because I LOVE the panicked expression he adopts several times in the movie. It's so visceral and real-- and it makes him look very very young, like he really is the semi-clueless protege of the more capable Triklops.

    Lubic has roots in the tradition of Earth transplantees-- Rio-Blast, Marlena, etc. I could absolutely see him as Eternia's greatest detective.

    Saurod reminds me of someone halfway between Dragoon of Trolla and a Snake-man, so I like him too.
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    Heroic Warrior Captain Atkin's Avatar
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    My favorites from the movie, in order of preference:

    1. Saurod - wicked design, and brought to life in an interesting way. You really believe by the body movements and sounds that this is a real creature. The character feels like it was the inspiration for the Predator design.

    2. Blade - Cool costume and swords. Loved the intricate eye patch and ear/jaw piece. An interesting character with a good mix of humor and tough guy intimidation. Overall a fun character.

    3. Lubic - If any "Earth" character deserved a toy, it was this guy. Every time he opens his mouth in the film I get a laugh. In many ways, he is the parents in the audience who took there kids to see the film, and wondered what the heck all this craziness is about. I suspect that for many parents, he was their favorite part of the film.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Atkin View Post
    3. Lubic - If any "Earth" character deserved a toy, it was this guy. Every time he opens his mouth in the film I get a laugh. In many ways, he is the parents in the audience who took there kids to see the film, and wondered what the heck all this craziness is about. I suspect that for many parents, he was their favorite part of the film.
    I always crack up at the scene where he first sees Gwildor and exclaims, "WHAT DA HELL IS THAT?!?!"

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    Heroic Warrior
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    Other- that part where the ending credits roll!

    Sorry, saw this stinker, in the theater, on the day of its release- and at that age, STILL wanted my money back...

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    Heroic Warrior Neophron's Avatar
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    My vote certainly goes to...Blade.
    Enough said.
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    Court Magician
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    I used to rag on Gwildor because I just saw him as a cheap imitation of Orko, but re-watching the movie as an adult, there is a charm there to the little guy. It helps to have the naturally likable Billy Barty in the role.

    Saurod was the coolest looking of the new characters. He kind of gave off a Predator vibe in his design. His job was to look cool and he achieved that. Sadly, the most memorable thing he did was die.

    Blade conceptually is awesome and even with very little in the film, you get the sense that there is a rivalry with He-Man that has gone on for a while. For being the most human of the mercenaries, it say a lot that he stood out the most. If there is a movie character that deserves an expansion, its him.

    Karg's design is horrible (what is up with that hair?!) and his key character trait is being a little kiss up and kind of a coward. Wish Skeletor killed him instead of Saurod.

    The Storm Troopers...I mean are those even characters?

    Detective Lubic is the best of the Earthlings. Love that guy, lol.

    The Kids are there to help move the story along, and my issues with them are largely on a conceptual level. Why is a He-Man movie dealing with teenage melodrama? That said, I didn't mind the actors that much if the decision is made to have them there, they could have been a lot more annoying than they were.

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    Heroic Warrior clashfromjem's Avatar
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    blade and gwildor.....

    both actors really brought the characters to life

    gwildor captured the innocent warm hearted and moralistic filmationy side of motu that i feel kids movies and cartoons are missing now to the detriment of todays youngsters and their lack of suitable role models.

    blade was just great as its always a pleasure to see mr delonghis on the screen.
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    Heroic Warrior AlexApprobation's Avatar
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    Saurod had a cool visual and could have fit in with the Snake Men.

    Blade was meh but his Classics figure looked decent, so I guess he'd be my 2nd.
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    Heroic Warrior Rikki Roxx's Avatar
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    I honestly love all of 'em.

    If I have to pick only one, it'd be Blade. But Saurod, Lubic, I mean there's so many great characters in that movie. Everybody in it played the absolute hell out of the script.
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    Lightning League Leader kylun flac's Avatar
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    blade was so bad a**. loved that character the most.
    most played with action figure.

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