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  • Gwildor

    16 15.09%
  • Saurod

    36 33.96%
  • Blade

    55 51.89%
  • Karg

    9 8.49%
  • The Storm Troopers

    11 10.38%
  • Detective Lubic

    22 20.75%
  • The kids

    2 1.89%
  • Other

    1 0.94%
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Thread: Best Character Introduced in the Movie

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Atkin View Post
    3. Lubic - If any "Earth" character deserved a toy, it was this guy. Every time he opens his mouth in the film I get a laugh. In many ways, he is the parents in the audience who took there kids to see the film, and wondered what the heck all this craziness is about. I suspect that for many parents, he was their favorite part of the film.
    I always crack up at the scene where he first sees Gwildor and exclaims, "WHAT DA HELL IS THAT?!?!"

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    blade was so bad a**. loved that character the most.
    most played with action figure.

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    Other- that part where the ending credits roll!

    Sorry, saw this stinker, in the theater, on the day of its release- and at that age, STILL wanted my money back...

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    My vote certainly goes to...Blade.
    Enough said.
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    I used to rag on Gwildor because I just saw him as a cheap imitation of Orko, but re-watching the movie as an adult, there is a charm there to the little guy. It helps to have the naturally likable Billy Barty in the role.

    Saurod was the coolest looking of the new characters. He kind of gave off a Predator vibe in his design. His job was to look cool and he achieved that. Sadly, the most memorable thing he did was die.

    Blade conceptually is awesome and even with very little in the film, you get the sense that there is a rivalry with He-Man that has gone on for a while. For being the most human of the mercenaries, it say a lot that he stood out the most. If there is a movie character that deserves an expansion, its him.

    Karg's design is horrible (what is up with that hair?!) and his key character trait is being a little kiss up and kind of a coward. Wish Skeletor killed him instead of Saurod.

    The Storm Troopers...I mean are those even characters?

    Detective Lubic is the best of the Earthlings. Love that guy, lol.

    The Kids are there to help move the story along, and my issues with them are largely on a conceptual level. Why is a He-Man movie dealing with teenage melodrama? That said, I didn't mind the actors that much if the decision is made to have them there, they could have been a lot more annoying than they were.

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    blade and gwildor.....

    both actors really brought the characters to life

    gwildor captured the innocent warm hearted and moralistic filmationy side of motu that i feel kids movies and cartoons are missing now to the detriment of todays youngsters and their lack of suitable role models.

    blade was just great as its always a pleasure to see mr delonghis on the screen.
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    Saurod had a cool visual and could have fit in with the Snake Men.

    Blade was meh but his Classics figure looked decent, so I guess he'd be my 2nd.
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    I honestly love all of 'em.

    If I have to pick only one, it'd be Blade. But Saurod, Lubic, I mean there's so many great characters in that movie. Everybody in it played the absolute hell out of the script.
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