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Thread: 3D turtles - update

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    3D turtles - update

    I'm really proud at this one. It's only the 5th time I've tried April, but it's as close to her toon counterpart look as I can get. Some minor toon inking details need to be fixed, but other than that, she's done...

    I also have a new found respect for set designers. Now that all the main characters I need are finished, minus a few refinements on the Technodrome, I can finally start construction on a few of the set pieces...

    Working in scale is going to be a new skill I'll have to learn.

    I also wish I new how too skin it better so it'll look a bit smoother..
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    Hey you post over at the Drome, don't you?

    Very nice 3D models.

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    can we see some wires? Your model looks good but with the toon shading it's hard to get a feel for the topology.
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