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Thread: Which action features should Mattel keep?

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    In addition to the articulated figures we've seen, I hope later on they can/will release versions modified with action features. I'd love to have the Mer-Man figure articulated as shown, plus a version in that style with a "power punch", or a Ram Man that's articulated (with knees/separate legs) & one with spring-loaded legs. Hopefully the line will go long enough that they will explore options like these after all the "articulated" versions of characters have been done.
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    Quote Originally Posted by motuxmen View Post
    Also, mekaneck needs an extending neck of some kind. Moss man needs to be flocked, but is that an action feature? Id like to see mattel's take on what is and what isnt an action feature.
    *thinks* Hrmmm... how about this?:

    "An action feature is any gimmick that interferes with the articulation on the figure."


    Trap Jaw's replaceable hands = Not an action feature
    Whiplash's waist-turning action = An Action feature

    Quote Originally Posted by Baena View Post
    Roboto's chest should have moving gears as he twists. (And like Trappy, have interchangeable weapons.)
    I'm pretty sure if Mattel wants to stick with the articulation the way it is (i.e., the waist turns & there's a bending joint in their abdomen), Roboto won't be able to having moving gears AND have that articulation. If they nixed that ab-joint it'd be fine, but then again it depends on what Mattel wants to do. We might not even see a Roboto in this line, or not for a while maybe.

    I 100% agree with the interchangeable weapons for Roboto. THAT they can do, with no problem. Look at Cyborg from the DC Universe Classics line, he has interchangeable hands too AND he's just as articulated as the new MotUC figures will be.

    Interchangable/removable parts shouldn't be a problem for this line, provided they are removable at a connection point (wrist, bicep swivel, neck joint, etc.).

    Quote Originally Posted by Baena View Post
    No flocking for Panthor or Mossman!
    But really, that won't happen... It's not very, "Classic" is it?
    LoL, true. Maybe it would be cool to see a variant released on the site for Moss Man? Like, when he's made that month, they'll have regular sculpted detail Moss Man & then flocked Moss Man? Also, if they're going to be using the same method as they did for the original Moss Man figure, then he's basically going to be Beast Man but flocked to hide the "furry" body he has. My guess is they'll flock him, so they save parts & just sculpt a new head. That'd be fine with me, the cardback art for Moss Man doesn't look exactly like Beast Man's head anyways, so if they followed that look it'd work out fine.

    Quote Originally Posted by Baena View Post
    Rattlor can have an interchangeable head like Mekaneck.
    Same goes for Extendar, just give him interchangeable parts instead.
    Webstor doesn't need the "climbing rope" backpack.
    That'd be fine, although I do like the head-striking action of that figure (was one of my favorites as a kid), & Extendar could be the same. The places on his body that extend are his neck, waist, wrists & shins. The MotUC toys have cut-joints in each of those places, so they shouldn't have a problem making extended parts to put in their place. Maybe include 6 of those rectangular extensions with a peg on one end & a socket on the other?? The head, feet, waist & hands could end in sockets that attach to pegs on the other end of the figure. This way, those extending parts would just, literally, extend the toy out a bit & not interfere with the articulation at all.

    As for Webstor's climbing rope backpack, I don't see any reason aside from personal preference why it couldn't be included with the toy. It's just his armor with a pulley (?) system & a grappling hook, hardly anything that could interfere with the articulation of the figure.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rook View Post
    Keep Whiplash's rubber tail.

    But give Rattlor a sculpted plastic tail.
    Oh totally. If Whiplash's tail is rubber still, it'll make up for the lack of a spring-waist, cause at least that way you'd still be able to thwack other figures with it.

    I can agree with that, IF Rattlor's sculpted plastic tail has a rattle on the end.

    Quote Originally Posted by mightybuck View Post
    man-e-faces and tri-klops have features that are completely hidden in the toy's design. getting rid of them in favor of multiple heads would be more costly. and if they only gave us one, non-rotating head it would be a complete disservice to the fans.
    I agree 100%. All they need to do is keep it the way the 4H did it for the 200X line. Man-E-Faces was great as he had the rotating faces as well as neck articulation. I can see Mattel easily doing that in this line...or making him with faces that pop out so you can change them yourself...but where's the fun in that??

    Quote Originally Posted by mightybuck View Post
    trap-jaw and roboto (and anyone else with the feature) should have swappable weapons). trap-jaw literally would not be trap-jaw if his mouth wasn't spring-loaded. and roboto without the moving gears inside wouldn't be the same, but they should at the very least have gears inside a clear torso whether they move or not.
    I can see them casting his torso in transparent plastic maybe, but he'd be tricky not to do w/o the internal gears & such. Trap-Jaw's mouth doesn't HAVE to be spring-loaded; it was a nice & well addition in the 200X line, but the original toy didn't have it that way, so maybe Mattel will follow suit. I'd prefer it to be spring loaded, but I just don't see them doing it that way, especially since they're leaving the waist-punch action out also.

    Quote Originally Posted by mightybuck View Post
    it's been said that stinkor won't stink, which is a shame to me, but as long as he's made I'll be happy! same goes for moss man.
    True true. I just want my Scare Glow to glow. I still say if Mattel can't cast Scare Glow in glow-in-the-dark plastic, I'll laugh myself silly. It's the easiest "action" feature in the world to do, HOW can they NOT make him glow??

    Quote Originally Posted by mightybuck View Post
    i LOVED syklone as a kid and thought the update was great as well. but if mattel is adamant about getting rid of action features, i don't see his spinning action carrying over.
    *thinks* Maybe if they included an attachable piece that makes his waist spin around? OR...*IDEA!*

    Anyone ever see the Insaniac figure by Kenner for the Small Soldiers movie toy line? That figure had a spinning waist, but no gears. You just grasped the lower part of him & pulled up on his torso & he'd *click* out of place. When in that "mode" his waist would be loose & able to be spun around rapidly. Sure it wouldn't be the same as the original Sy-Klone toy, but at least he'd be able to spin.

    Quote Originally Posted by Reptile View Post
    I think for me anyway the most important features not to be dropped are Scareglow's Glow, Rio Blasts Weapons and the Rock People's Transformations.
    Yes, totally agree with you. The only part about Rio Blast I see being a problem, is the weapon in his chest. They may have to just have that one snap-in place instead of folding out. Same goes for his knee blasters. The back pack & hand lasers should easily be able to stay the same. The Rock People transforming is another thing that goes into the more unique sculpting department. Actually, it's a fair bet Mattel will only be re-using the upper arms of the other human MotUC figures for Rio Blast, as all his other parts are newly sculpted ones.

    Most of the figures from the later half of the original toy line had more unique sculpts to them & re-used less parts. The earlier figures were still new & Mattel hadn't hit it big yet, so I guess when MotU sky-rocketed, it enabled them to spend more money or more interesting & cool designs. Leech, for example, would not have been made in the first wave of figures back in '82, but when he came out in '85-'86 it was the right time to get that involved.

    Same goes for MotUC. Mattel will make all the figures they can using that original formula of parts (human/furry torso, human/furry/creature arms & legs, furry shorts) until they have to start making new ones. Look at Buzz-Off; he, & Clawful share the same arms (& the same legs, depending on which figure you ended up getting as they made him with 2 different types of legs) & Whiplash & him share the same legs & torso. So, when they make Buzz-Off, Whiplash & Clawful they'll be using a lot of the same parts again. But after those guys, there's only a handful that used old-style parts.

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    Considering we're getting interchangeable heads with Mer-Man and possibly others, aI think it's safe to say we'll still get the interchangeable hands with figures like Trap-Jaw and Roboto.

    As for other action features, especially ones that interfere with articulation as has been mentioned, will probably be dropped.

    The more I think about it, the more I really want Mosquitor to have blood, Scare Glow to glow, and Stinkor to stink. But I bet we won't get at least 2 of those.
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