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Thread: Alternate Heads for PoP figures?

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    Quote Originally Posted by brianatarms View Post
    Im a fan of sculpted hair. It just looks better. After a while the rooted hair looks like a disaster.
    All of my 80's She-Ras (minus one) were bought loose and all have hair in excellent condition. I have come across a handful with extremely bad hair, but they were an easy fix (1-3 figures).

    Quote Originally Posted by Baena View Post
    Sure there's the head rotation problems that can come up, but there are figures out there with beautiful long hair, that doesn't look windblown, and can move their heads fairly well.
    (Many of the DC Direct WW figures for example.)

    It's when the hair falls over the shoulders that you run into mobility problems.
    I'm glad you mentioned DC Direct figures. I own the following female figures with heads that CANNOT move, or have EXTREMELY LIMITED movement due to sculpted hair:

    - Dr. Light
    - 3 Wonder Girl figures (Teen Titans and the two different Infinite Crisis figs)
    - Multiple Catwomans with hair/maskless. The all purple one is the WORST.
    - Harbinger
    - Starfire's evil sister (Teen Titans, name escapes me)
    - Red Son Wonder Woman
    - Infinite Crisis Wonder Woman
    - Wonder Woman (the realistic looking one, almost looks like a statue)
    - Batwoman

    Two DC Direct figures that CAN move their head with sculpted hair:

    - Circe (from the new WW comic. HOWEVER her hair is the worst wind-blown hair I have ever seen. It's completely horizontal hovering above her shoulder).
    - Re-activated Wonder Woman. (Her head can move, but because of the long hair, it makes her face touch her shoulder when you turn it to the side, which is awful).

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    I like both looks. I always wished, as a kid, that the pop girls looked more like the he-folks-- but that didn't stop me from playing with everyone concerned lol. If they have rooted, that's awesome, if they have moulded, that's awesome-- if they have both hair types I'll jump up and down and be ecstatic.
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