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Thread: Question to fellow collectors - Why own 3 or more of a MOTUC fig?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueStreak View Post
    I personally HATE (yes, I'm unleashing the fury) exclusives. It's always difficult to get them and the scaplers on e-bay only seem to profit from them. Its the same reason I hate variants.
    I’m with you. As far as MOTU goes at least I have the convention exclusive I wanted the most: 200X She-Ra. I also have 200X Faker and Mossman but I don’t really count those as being that exclusive since we all had a chance to order them.

    My biggest pet peeve with convention exclusives is when it is a very important character. For instance, let’s suppose Green Goddess or Savage He-Man were SDCC exclusives. The die hard collectors would dig them. The casual MOTU collectors like myself could live without them. That’s how exclusives should be. Since there are only a limited number of figures versus the number of people who collect the line, exclusives shouldn’t be figures that absolutely every single collector would want. What if Mat At Arms, Prince Adam, Faker, etc. were SDCC exclusives? It would be downright evil of Mattel to make such desired figures so exclusive.

    As a collector of a great many toy lines I’d say the biggest slap in the face regarding any convention exclusives has to be the 2007 Transformers BotCon convention exclusives. I’m referring specifically to the only deluxe TF Classics versions of Dirge and Thrust. Thundercracker was originally exclusive to this set but Takara released a slightly altered version in Japan but even that 2nd version was about $75 at BBTS. These jets go for hundreds of dollars each and they’re only $10 deluxe sized figures. A close 2nd to the 2007 seeker jets is the 2005 BotCon Ironhide and Ratchet. At least those characters will be updated and included in the new Universe (Classics 2.0) line. But the 2005 BotCon versions are far superior to the new ones as they are better representations of their “Classic” G1 counterparts.

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    I would veture that for a majority of people, 3 is the "magic" number b/c they want one to keep MOC or completely sealed as in the case of KG, one for dis/play, completely open, and one opend but still in package and on display.

    I'm just guessing.

    but in specific about Grayskull...they're going for the variant i would guess.
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    I bought 3 for a better chance at not having to pay 150 bucks for a statue repaint.
    Always remember the dark days of 2004 with no new MOTU in sight...

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    Back in the day...

    I would buy three. One to open, one to stay in the plastic prision and the other to sell for profit. But now that I'm cleaning out the crap in my house I've learned that A. toys aren't worth that much anymore. B. I dont need all this stuff. C. I rarely make a profit.

    So I only buy one of each now..of things I REALLY want.
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    I bought a statue variant off of Ebay for $100. I ordered one from Matty that hasn't arrived. I'm assuming it will be a regular. That's all I need.

    I do find it humorous that all of you "real fans" get so upset that someone would dare sell these for a profit whn 90% of you buy one to open and one to leave in the package. Why are you leaving one packaged? My guess is so that if it appreciates in value, someday you can sell it. How does that make you different?

    Whether you sell it now for a profit or sell it later, you're still selling it for whatever the market will pay you. If you buy it for $30 and immediately the market will pay $60, I say go for it. If you hold on to it and in 20 years it goes for $200, go for it.

    Why all the hating?

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    Quote Originally Posted by red51931 View Post
    Why are you leaving one packaged? My guess is so that if it appreciates in value, someday you can sell it. How does that make you different?
    Look at all the photos of people's collections that are displayed in the packaging. Most people aren't doing that as an investment, but as a way to create a display that they really enjoy.

    It also means they'll always have a perfect version of each toy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by red51931 View Post
    ...Why are you leaving one packaged? My guess is so that if it appreciates in value, someday you can sell it. How does that make you different?
    I'm buying moc motu stuff right now for stupid prices. They are probably worth as much as they will ever be. BCI Guy noted it was a nice display, his absolutely right, but not only that, it's how I remember things on the self too. This has much to do with nostalgia for many of us. And as a graphic designer and artist, the packaging means a lot! Moc/mib is a must, and comes first with me.

    And there is the side of me that still likes to play w/ stuff for some reason, I just can't shake it. So I open one to play with, there's two. And if there is a variant involved, tack on another for moc/mib, unles it's awesome (like King Grayskull), then make it two more, 'cause I want to see that loose too, there's 3 or 4 for ya.

    As far as more than what your personal collection needs, that's a complicated concept with me. If I really love it, I'll get two moc/mib, in case one goes yellow, I'm just crazy that way. Or, if I see a rare figure on the self that I know somebody else needs, makes good trade. I don't see the harm in buying extras to trade somebody else that ran into two of something you need. But that's where it stops.

    Worst excuse ever: "It's not my fault you couldn't find one, but I'll sell you one at x times the price as a service charge."

    That's scalping. It IS your fault people can't get one! Trust me, if you didn't buy it, there would be an actual fan right around the corner who would, but not now, thanks to you. If there are enough people that think that way, it exponentially makes the figure that much harder to acquire.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chaundon View Post
    I am quite sure that if I didn't buy 3 figures at the launch they would be purchased by someone else.
    You're right. Not to pick at you Chaundon, cause I bought three as well. But for a different reason. Yes, somebody else would have gotten it, a fan maybe? A fan that only wanted one and couldn't get anything? That's where it gets subtle. (nothing but love for you Chaundon, I don't know your motives and merely used you as an example )

    When you (not just Chaundon anymore, this is more general) buy an extra to trade/help somebody else out, you are doing the collective community and yourself a service, and it's absolutely the right thing.

    When you buy it to turn a quick buck, you are shooting yourself (and all the rest us) in the foot. When the time comes around and there is some new hot exclusive you can't get, you only have yourself to blame. So when somebody says "it helps me afford my collection." They just came off looking like they don't grasp the situation, because it's people like this that make collecting unaffordable.

    That being said, there's no stopping jerk-off scalpers, bless their hearts.
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    I don't do this with MOTU, but I set up a lot of my action figures depicting scenes from films. So...I have many multiples of a lot of non-army builders for that purpose. For example, I've been re-arranging my Lord of the Rings displays and I have several duplicates of the Fellowship characters for different scenes.

    If somebody wanted to make their own scenes, or depict scenes from the cartoons/comics, it would be difficult to do with this line. Of course, I don't know if anybody displays their MOTU stuff this way. If they do, I've never seen it.

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    I usually end up buying the maximum amount possible when it comes to figures such as these, especially when variants are involved. I am a MOC/MIB collector and whatever duplicates I end up with, I usually sell (at retail $) or trade.

    I picked up 2 King Greyskulls at the con, but both were the regular editions so I ordered 3 more from when they went online.

    I realize it seems a little blown out of proportion, but this way I have a better chance of getting what I want and the duplicates that I have ending up going to friends or fellow collectors.

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    Before I went to the con I was asked by others to pick up figs for them, so my mission was to get 10. I could only get 6, so some of the people who wanted extra had to get them some other way. I only charge what I paid for the figure plus actual shipping (and in this case I shipped the figures back from the con so I didn't have to deal with them on the airplane).

    As for me, I have a ton of some figures (I bet I have at least 10 Smash Blade He-man because I was trying to get him off the shelf for others). For the most part though, I try to get 2 of a regular release (one to display loose, one to display MOC). On the exclusives I've tried to get 3 (one to display loose, one to display MOC, and one to trade because I know someday I won't be lucky and get an exclusive).

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