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Thread: Rather than the Classics line...

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    There is no comparison:

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    Exactly. There is a lot of people here that need to study those side by side pics and realize there is a lot more to these new figures then just added articulation. The differences are night and day. I don't get what on earth people could want out of a MOTU line that isn't being delivered with the CLASSICS. There is simply no pleasing some people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sgt. Slaughter View Post
    From a business standpoint it makes more sense to make new figures. People who have the old will buy the new, where they probably won't buy re-releases.

    A new line also brings in new fans who may not currently collect MOTU and wouldn't buy up re-releases either.
    This describes my situation perfectly (as well as many others, I'm sure).

    While I knew about the 2002 line and the commemorative series, they just did not interest me (well, they interested me, but not enough to buy any). This classics line, however, has pulled me in the same way the 25th anniversary GI Joe figures have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nutnog View Post
    I see what you are saying as well. I mean I love the new classic line from what I have seen so far but then again why not just continue with the reissues. To me the lines are close enough where it wouldn't matter to me about articulation.
    Just wait until you actually get will no longer feel this way AT ALL.
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    I've been a fan for 20+ years now and I gotta tell ya, if the 80's toys originally looked like the line from 2000 or the new classics line we would have thought that they were fantastic then. They reused parts back then because that's how toys were made for the most part. We're 20 years later with better designs and processes so I would hope they would update the new stuff to today's standards. I'll take the new look figures of today rather than have a line with part swaps. I'll buy a Mr Potato Head if I wanna play mix & match with arms and feet.

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    For better articulation and proportions instead of a squat to poop stance. Sorry, I couldn't think of a less disgusting analogy...

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