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Thread: MotUC Mythos Speculation - She-Ra and More...

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    Well having power from He-Ro within the Castle would just make it more powerful in my opinion. Isn't Castle Grayskull a fortress of mystery and power? The secrets of the universe are kept whether it's He-Ro's powers, or Grayskull's powers, or The Sorceress, who's all coming from the combined power that the castle holds right?

    I mean we had an orb in the Crystal Chamber, and the Sword of Power. Who's to say that there were no other magical conduits in the Castle too? They were probably still hidden!

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    With this new info Mattel has released. I have been thinking to incorperate it into a fan fic I have been working on. Problem is. I'm stuck! I got the beginning all done. And I got the ending completed. It's just the meat I need to work on.
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