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Thread: Twins of power!!!!!

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    Twins of power!!!!!

    hey guys and gals!
    (i realize this isn't probably the right forum to post this in, but i wanted to shout it out to as many of you as possible, and this seems to be the current most-popular forum!)
    my wife and i just found out we're expecting twins!
    first (and last, since we only want 2) kids for us, and first grandkids on either side!
    we don't know the sexes yet, but we should be finding out august 11th.
    we're really hoping for one boy and one girl...wish us luck!
    if we are having one boy and one girl, i REALLY wanted to decorate the nursery with he-man and she-ra (the twins of power...perfect, right?) but sadly my wife is not going for it at all. lol.
    if we have a girl, i want to name her teela marie. (my mom's name is marie)... my wife doesn't love it, but it may be growing on her.
    what are you guys' thoughts?
    fyi... the "due date" is january 19th, but i guess with twins we should expect them to come 2-6 weeks early.
    thanks for allowing me to share the good news with all of you!

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    Why not adora marie and adam some-male-name-from-her-side?

    The other thought would be shira. It's hebrew and means peace. I think.
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    ...or how about Teelana - which is the name of the Sorceress...

    as for boys, I don't think there's much to choose: Adam, Duncan, Rio,...


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    Be a man, put your foot down and name them both Skeletor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evil Ed View Post
    ...or how about Teelana - which is the name of the Sorceress...

    as for boys, I don't think there's much to choose: Adam, Duncan, Rio,...
    Mekaneck's son was named Phillip.

    Congratulations on your babies-- and if your wife needs convincing on the name Teela, it has more than MOTU connections. There's a native american legend to the name, somewhat. The teel, though tiny, was the only bird strong and brave enough to pull the universe from the depths of destruction-- grabbing it in her bill and swimming through the chaos for all she was worth until it surfaced. For that alone it's a good girl's name, let alone a homage to everyone's favorite eternian captain.
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