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Thread: What about MOTUC head SET ?

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    What about MOTUC head SET ?

    ** Sorry if ti was already posted **

    Since Mer-man and many other figures in the future will be sold with alternative heads, I was wondering if it could be possible to see Mattel selling a HEADS SET with for example 4 heads.
    I could be different Heads for only 1 character or for many characters.

    I would really appreciate to see this almost if sometimes I'm not happy with the regular head sold with the figure .

    What do you think?

    NOTE : I know everything is possible if the line goes well

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    [QUOTE=Khror;1967085everything is possible if the line goes well [/QUOTE]

    Thats the answer your probably gonna get.

    Imean yea i would love to see this made along with alot of other things. BUT we gotta see how they are gonna play it out.
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