View Poll Results: Which of these artist created the most astounding Loo-Kee?

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  • 1. J-Sun

    5 7.81%
  • 2. River

    2 3.13%
  • 3. beyond the legends

    11 17.19%
  • 4. gbagok

    7 10.94%
  • 5. Sllohcin

    8 12.50%
  • 6. Bootleg

    3 4.69%
  • 7. 2-bad

    10 15.63%
  • 8. Battle_Brak

    18 28.13%
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Thread: FINAL Loo-Kee Redesign VOTE!! o_o

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    FINAL Loo-Kee Redesign VOTE!! o_o

    The final poll... the last quiet battle in the heart of the deepest part of the Whispering Woods...

    The vote for the BEST new LOO-KEE! ( we definitely need a Loo-Kee smilie after this. Anybody up for creating one? 'Twould be cool)

    I'm extremely happy about how big and successful this challenge was. Easily one of the top 10.

    I was a bit worried because of the somewhat bad rep that Loo-Kee has in parts of the fandom, that this would be one of the slower challenges, but boy, was I proven wrong.

    So great job you guys!

    I hope you'll join us in a few days for next challenge, Point Dread and the Talon Fighter!

    beyond the legends



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    Wow, that's a tough choice, these are all so awesome and unique!!! I love BTL's layout and design, and I love the colors and little tree. Gbagok's take has a whimsical and very cartoon-friendly feel, 2-Bad's evolving design is great, and Bootlegs looks a little like Scratchy from the Simpsons which is hilarious. But I had to go with Battle Braks elfin, Final Fantasy-esque design.
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    scratchy? D'OH! unintentional... but you're right!
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    I suddenly realized what Sllohcin's Lookee reminded me of. Those new littlest petshop animals. One of my nieces has a ton of them. -- it came down to Battle_Brak vs BTL...
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    Dang, after all those awesome takes on Loo-Kee, I had to choose finally between Gbagok's and 2-Bad's. In my opinion, both entries topped my list, and ultimately however, I went with 2-Bad's, for the simple reason 2-Bad's version has the closest to the original show look and then the awesome transformation if he needs to fight. Very deceptive, big power, little package LOL
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    first off i love all the art work that was done i voted for battle brak, i like that the best
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    It's all about Battle-Brak!

    He kept the innocent youthful look of Loo-Kee, while transforming him into a character that looks like he could be useful in battle yet still has that tribal forest dwelling look about him!

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    All of these finalists are great, but I had to go with Battle Brakk. I totally love the design but I think everyone has done a terrific job.
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    Wow, thanks everyone who voted for me. Second place is so awesome. I think it's super cool that BB won since his design inspired even mine. Congrats to everyone who entered and to those who didn't enter but just had ideas and thought any of ours brought justice to them.

    This certainly was one of those characters I am excited to see get the make over he deserved in order to make him someone we could respect as a rather minute and obscure POP character. Just goes to show even the least of them get love from us fans. Makes me all warm and fuzzy to see this many takes on him seeing how most artists who entered probably didn't even really like him much to begin with. We She ravers will do anything to ge our POP back.

    Thanks again for those who voted for me.

    (Don't tell anyone but I know ther are plenty of us who secretly really like the lil bugger.)

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    I'm back from my vacation, and look at that!

    We have a winner: Congratulations Battle_Brak!

    Glad to see you make such a great come-back in the challenges.

    A big cheers to runner-up Beyond-The-Legends as well, he did his best challenge as of yet, judging from the results. I even thought you were gonna' bag this one before I went on my small vacation, Toby.

    I hope you'll all join us in a few days when we roll out the next challenge, ( as based on the same poll that chose Loo-Kee)

    Point Dread and the Talon Fighter!

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