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Thread: MOTUC prototypes and test-shots! *Contains Spoilers*

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    Looks great--i also was a " no thank you " to a "yep ill take it' . the sculpt is good. Nice little ACCENTUATING details but still looks like the character.

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    As someone who could care less about Eldor and was 'meh' about getting him, I think this is a very cool figure. Hopefully he does come with a hood for those who want that look, but I think he's great as is.

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    Looks great as is, but really hope he comes with a hood as well.
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    He looks good --but, shouldn't the news article on the news page have a spoiler tag or something? You can see the pic of the figure when you pull up the website--some people may not want to see that

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    Quote Originally Posted by He-Kal View Post
    He looks good --but, shouldn't the news article on the news page have a spoiler tag or something? You can see the pic of the figure when you pull up the website--some people may not want to see that
    I was just thinking that very same thing.

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    ELDOR prototype on tni boards.

    Wonderful yet another character who holds no nostalgic value to me, I must find a way to sell. And Scott will wonder why we don't subscribe next year. Let me ask you guys, how is Eldor "A-list" again?
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    How is this a spoiler?
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    Wow! Thanks for sharing those pics. I had only ever seen the first one. It's great to know his skullcap actually came from the vintage design.

    Quote Originally Posted by MegaGearMax View Post
    That Excalibur cap is awesome! Damn...Eldor is like Obi-Wan and Merlin put together!
    You just blew my mind!

    Quote Originally Posted by goluphi View Post
    When it came to Eldor, I was wondering about two things: 1) how they would pull off the hooded look and 2) whether he would have a skull cap sculpted on (like the vintage prototype) since this was a detail that was only recently revealed to us.

    Well, I guess when it comes to 1, the answer is potentially that he only has the unhooded look. Including an alternate hooded head wouldn't make sense, as it wouldn't look right with that armour, and it would be expensive. Unless maybe they include an alternate armour set.

    And for 2, well, I guess that's obvious. The Horsemen must have had access to additional design docs we never saw before.
    You're 100% right. An alternate hooded head would look ridiculous since his hood is clearly visible on his back. He will have a hooded option. I'm sure of it. I hope it's 2nd armor, 2nd head. A second armor w/hood would likely look baaaad, and severely limit the poseability of the head. Say what you want about Mattel and this line, but I know the good FAR outweighs the bad as far as I'm concerned. Eldor not having a hood is a mistake so huge that I cannot fathom even Matty making (or for that matter, the 4H standing idly by and letting them make).

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    I would say probably the most A-list vintage figure never made....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blaster View Post
    Wonderful yet another character who holds no nostalgic value to me, I must find a way to sell. And Scott will wonder why we don't subscribe next year. Let me ask you guys, how is Eldor "A-list" again?
    In reality there are only a few A-list figures left, and that is amongst all the different lines (NA, POP etc). If Eldor does not fall into the category of A-List, I really don't know who would.

    This is a highly requested figure that is finally seeing the light of day.

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    He's only highly requested because he was prototyped back in the day, and never got a figure. But as such, like He-Ro, Eldor holds no special desire for me to own, he never existed before in any MOTU canon I followed, so, his Classics figure means nothing to me.

    If you are one who wants Eldor....good for you to finally get him, but as far as A-Lister....not to everyone he's not.
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    He's the Sorceress to He-Ro's He-Man. He's a highly requested character, and the 4H did a very nice job.

    I think it's important to be at least a little objective.

    HOWEVER, of Crita, for example, does not end up in the line by the end of 2015, I'll be REALLY bothered, as she's as or more requested than Eldor, and would be an exciting action figure.

    As for subbing for 2015, I definitely will, as I believe the effort to finish vintage motu and pop is real, and will result in a complete lineup. I also value slightly unexpected characters like Light Hope, Eldor, etc.
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    i seriously hope those straps just aren´t fasted the rest looks decent and i like the moving fabric piece nice sculpting!

    I hope he can lift his arms like they did with Dactus armor!

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    I say he is iconic for the hardcore MOTU fans, part of a new era that did not bloom.

    Interesting, but design-wise, he turned out exactly has i expected, not a fantastic figure i'm afraid i'll wait for the painted prototype for the final judgment.

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    Eldor!! Awesome!! I'll be very glad if he comes with a removable hood and a staff as suggested--but I also would like him to come with a cape to complete the wizard look.

    Light Hope looks nice but yeah those straps being unfastened does feed the old over-sized super-soft junk armor fears.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TOKYONEVER View Post
    Yep "removable"
    He already looks fantastic, but Eldor with a removable hood??? *FAINTS*
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    Eldor looks sweet, really am looking forward to him and Light Hope continues to impress.
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    WOW Eldor looks pretty cool! I love all the added detail! Light Hope seems to be coming along nicely!
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    I think Eldor looks glorious. Better than I expected him to be. The only thing I really want is his book to be LARGE, like the original. I will be a bit sad if The Book of Living Spells is small.
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    If that is indeed Eldor then he just went from "do not care for that character" to "really looking forward to that figure!" He will be a great looking wizard figure.
    I agree with this
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    At toyfair scott showed the horsemens sculpt of eldors Book and it had nothing in it. I just Hope Design adds spell pages inside the book since it opens up.
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    eldor looks awesome. the head, the sleeves...beautiful sculpts. the head looks sculpted by the guy who did fisto and jitsu
    i love that knight leather cap.
    he does look like he has some fat armor, but maybe it can pass as a baggy hoody. but come on with the fat armor already

    what's the gripe about double trouble? i'm late to the party on this one and read she's got some design/production issues...what were they?

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    Eldor looks great.

    I can't to see the colored version at SDCC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thatman View Post
    If the hood is removable, possibly the hood piece is large enough to cover up what appears to be the hood folded down on the back? So when the figure is displayed with hood-on, you wouldn't see the sculpted hood-on-armor, but when the hood is removed, the figure would look as though the hood was just resting on his shoulders.
    Yes, that is my thinking as well. Hopefully Design designs it that way.

    He does look great though! One thing though, I would think he would have been better with a furry loincloth, as he looks in the proto kinda looks like he's exposing himself. Lol
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    So pumped for him, hope he gets a hood.
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