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    50 40.00%
  • Hordak

    62 49.60%
  • Catra

    13 10.40%
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Thread: First She-Ra related character to appear?

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    Hey Everyone,

    I believe Hordak will be released first. Eamon already mentioned that he is linked to King Grayskull's storyline and Skeletor's too as far as that goes. However, I would not be surprised at all if She-Ra was released the very month after Hordak. This would be a great way to please both sides of the fan base. Yes, Hordak was always tied to Mattel's "MotU" toy line, more so then he was too She-Ra's line. However, many "PoP" fans consider the Horde theirs. So, Classics throwing them all in one line can now completely make The Evil Horde the thing that ties it all together, The King Grayskull/ He-Ro "Powers of Grayskull", "MotU" through Skelly, and "PoP" all together. The Horde be the thing that link. lol

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    I think it will be She-Ra in early 2010.
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    What about a member of the great rebelion, like Bow or Castaspella?

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    I hope its Hordak in 2009 and she-ra early 2010.

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    I voted for She-ra. It seems logical to start with her.

    But then, as originally planned release MOTUC line, Beast Man supposedly came first, right?

    So it's really anyones guess then.

    I'm hoping for Castaspella!
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