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  • 80's cartoon Castle Grayskull

    40 37.74%
  • 200x cartoon Castle Grayskull

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  • 80's playset Castle Grayskull

    37 34.91%
  • 200x playset Castle Grayskull

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  • Mix from both cartoon versions

    29 27.36%
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Thread: How should the 4horsemen approach Castle Grayskull

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    I'd like a little bit of everything... so I voted for what's closest to that, "Mix from both cartoons".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spacedust View Post
    I'm pretty much the same as others - I'd like a vintage-style Grayskull, maybe slightly bigger.

    The 200x one was a real disappointment. It looked so flat and boring compared to the original.
    I liked the skull and the elements put into the 200x grayskull but the execution of it left something to be desired, first of all yes it was too flat, second the skull had FIVE teeth, looked silly third I didn't like the asterisk on the forehead and the castle interior had very little going on, no throne no elevator, not even a ladder. I really like the "crown" balcony though and the doorway with balcony on one of the towers as well as the secret room. the 1980s castle was a lot better over all but 200x had some good points IMO they just fell flat with how they brought it together.
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    I'd like the castle to be manufactured so that you can use it for dioramas. I'd like it to have some terrain in front of it. Also it'd be nice if the castle was created so that it is built from relatively small (10x10 cm) pieces so that you can leave some parts of it of in order to make it fit where you want it to fit.

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