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Thread: WTFWTK 2.22 - Ask your questions here!

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    WTFWTK 2.22 - Ask your questions here!

    Rules for What The Fans Want To Know:
    • Each user is limited to 1 question per Q&A.
    • Posts with repeat questions & multiple questions will be deleted, and the offending user will no longer be permitted to participate in that particular Q&A. So check to see if your question has been asked and help everyone out!
      Be sure to check the posts in this thread before you, as well as previous Q&A sessions!
    • This is for questions only; not discussion.
    • We will start a new Q&A thread when it is time for more questions, approximately every 2 weeks. So please don't start new Q&A threads.

    Please avoid questions about:
    • Figure specific requests (eg: When will we see She-Ra?).

    Figure specific requests will undoubtedly be met with a "anything is possible" answer.
    The figures that can be produced are figures that were in the original MOTU, POP and NA lines, as well as in the mini-comics for these lines.
    Characters that appeared in the 2002 MYP cartoon are also fair game.
    Filmation characters are off limits!
    Who will be produced will remain to be seen.

    We will pick up to 10 questions we feel might get answers at that time. Please do not take offense to your question not being asked.
    It's nothing personal.

    Previous WTFWTK sessions (questions and Mattel answers):


    The questions that were asked in the previous Q&A & will be answered in a couple weeks as follows (please do not repeat them, or questions from previous Q&As):

    1. Are Horde Supreme and Horde Prime two different characters, or did Mattel have to change the Horde Prime character's name to Horde Supreme because of rights issues?

    2. Have you done any additional exploration into the release of an accessory pack or "extra head" pack?

    3. Is there any chance of releasing full-body armor on figures like Hordak or He-Ro, rather than the half-body armor we've seen due to the ab crunch articulation? Or maybe releasing full-armor in the accessory pack mentioned above?

    4. A lot of Fans really liked the clear Power Sword that was shown on the initial He-Ro prototype photos. Is there any chance of this version being released at some point? Or maybe releasing in the accessory pack mentioned above?

    5. In regards to major design changes that affect multiple figures (such as the half-armor), would Mattel consider doing a poll to gauge reaction from MOTU's audience before hand? This way, Mattel and the 4H can take into consideration what consumers think about a major design issues before it becomes too late to implement any changes.

    6. Since we were recently told that characters requiring more unique sculpting (such as Ram-Man, King Hiss or Two-Bad) will only happen if MOTUC is sold in retail stores, does this mean MOTUC will be moving to retail stores soon? If not, has Mattel considered offering those figures at a higher price in order to make them happen?

    7. When can we expect to see the e-mail customer service feature go into affect, as we are still limited to phone support?

    8. Now that Boomerang Media has purchased the rights to the Filmation Library from Entertainment Rights, is Mattel seeking a deal with Boomerang to lease or purchase the MOTU and POP rights?

    9. Why did you decide on using Masters of the Universe as the title for the heroic warrior faction instead of how it was used in the classic line or even the 1987 movie as something that indicates all the characters are the ultimate masters of their individual powers, or that one who holds the ultimate power is the true master of the universe?

    10. Are there any sold-out figures that will not be seeing a re-release?

    So ask those questions!

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    If Battle Cat is a success, it would seem Panthor would follow shortly thereafter. If both cats are a success, would Mattel look at some of the other animals in the line that can easilly be reproduced as repaints- for example Zoar & Screeech, Night Stalker and Stridor, the winged horses from POP?

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    With the possibility of getting 2 figures each month in 2010, would you consider allowing subscribers to purchase additional monthly figures and/or the bonus reissues and have those figures added to their monthly committed subscription order so that they can save on shipping?
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    With all the effort going into providing backstories for each character and taking parts of each canon to construct a story, are there any plans on releasing said story in book or comic form of any kind?
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    The illustrations of figure-package and mini-comic of STINKOR in the 80's shows that early figure concept designed with the body-molds of BEAST-MAN, STRATOS and MOSS MAN. But changed and used for the end-product the molds of SKELETOR / EVIL figure(s).

    Which body-form could be used for a releasing for a MOTUC STINKOR in the future?
    Both body-parts are available to produce on of this!

    It would be great to make the changing here to use the early concept design with the actual legs of MOTUC STRATOS, because STINKOR wearing boots instead of naked feets like BEAST MAN...

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    Will Mattel consider expanding their subscription options/services for 2010? If fans were able to use a "pile of loot" shipping feature similar to Big Bad Toy Store, it would allow collectors of various product lines (MOTUC, JLU, DCUC, Ghostbusters) to save on combined shipping. It would also enable MOTUC collectors to purchase reissued or bonus figures in 2010 and combine the shipping, which the current subscription service does not allow.

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    Considering the current success of the line is Mattel taking any steps to acquire the Filmation character designs/characters (could this ever be a possibility)? Fans would go nuts over a Shokoti or Shadow Weaver.

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    With the announcement of a rerelease of He-Man later this year, can you officially tell us of any changes to the package or to the figure? Even A hint! A lot of fans have spent a lot of money to have the first release and want to know if they should keep spending there money. Thanks
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    Regarding international subscriptions:
    We had to pay $3 tax when signing up that should not have been charged. Are we to expect this every single month (and ultimately pay $36 MORE than none subscribers over the year?)
    Will there be an option to change shipping method once more options become available to international customers?
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    Someone recently brought this up on the forum, and it got me curious, are there any plans to incorperate the Eternian Tower into the currrent MOTUC storyline ? And are the bios going to be the only place to view/read the new continuity ?
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    With "buying" the subscription, a shipping address was needed to be entered. Does this mean you can't change the address during the run of the subscription?

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    If & when Stratos is reissued, would it be possible to adjust the figure to look more like the cardback art?

    For example, making him a lighter grey and with the wings on the sides of his arms, rather than underneath?

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    Since an intense effort of research in the classic line’s archives was announced, can we expect any kind of compilation with all the original arts used in the toy packages as one of the promised bonus items for 2010?

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    Now that Hordak is officially released, any chance you can let the fans know the origin of the name Hec-Tor Kur? Was it Hordak's original name that was dug up like Demo-Man, Sultress, and X-Man, or was he named after a Mattel employee who had a ressemblance to Hordak or something like that?

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    The recent demo/review pictures of the upcoming 200X power sword show how really bad its silver paint application clashes with the dull grey color that the original weapons included with He-Man and King Greyskull. Will the 4H be using this new silver color from now on for all MOTUC weapons/accesories, maybe even including She-Ras power sword, or was this done for the one time with MAA? Could the already released weapons prior to MAA be re-released with this new paint application?
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    With the expansion of Ghostbusters as well as MOTUC, would Mattel be willing to look at other 80's properties such as Thundercats or Silverhawks to produce as toylines since most of those figures could use body types from lines such as MOTUC and DCU?
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    If / when Battle Armor He-man and Skeletor are released, will they have sculpted armor like the vintage figures, or will they be the MOTUC torso with snap on armor, similar to Hordak?
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    From the Philly Con pics it seems Teela has no ab crunch articulation. Is there one under her "clothing" and if so will the clothing hinder the articulations movement.
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    In the DCUC line, each wave assortment is chosen by a formula (Hero, Villain to the hero, major team member, etc.), will MOTUC fall into a similar formula in future years assortment with say a Horde figure, a POP figure, a NA figure, and so forth every year?
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    With Hordak and He-Ro, the top armor was one color on the sculpted lower torso piece. which This blended in quite nicely with the armor piece and the painted upper torso under the armor. i.e. Hordak had a black sculpted lower torso and He-Ro had Gold. With figures such as King Randor and Jitsu who have more ornate looking armor can you tell us how the more ornate sculpted lower torso will blend in with the un-armored painted upper torso piece?

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    Many fans are excited that Teela, the Green Goddess, and especially the miraculous Adora have been announced. Since most of the ladies went ignored in the 200X line, and many have never received figures at all, should fans be hopeful about seeing more females being released in the 2010 lineup?
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    Could you please tell us how many new characters we will see being produced into figures in 2010 for the following gangs ?

    - Skeletor's Evil Warriors figures
    - Heroic Warriors figures
    - Snakemen figures
    - Horde warriors figures
    - Princess of Power figures
    - "New Adventures" figures

    Thank you.
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    Is there any updates on Stands for MOTUC figures or Stand-packs (like 10 Stands in a pack)? Fans would like to have something secure to place their MOTUC figures on for display purposes...
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    The Customer Service of Matty Collector informed one of our forum members that closer to the launch of the subscription in September, we will be given an option to update billing and shipping information on because some credit cards will expire/etc.

    This is not in the FAQ page of MAtty or anywhere else. Can this be confirmed?
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    While produced by your competitor, both the Transformers Classics line and GI Joe 25th/Classics were extremely successful in bringing in people who hadn't been interested in the brand for many years back into the fold prior to the release of feature films for both brands. But most importantly, many of these "returning fans" only discovered these lines by coming across them in a mass retail environment.
    Has the success of MOTU Classics (with nearly every figure since Skeletor selling out in a week or less) caused any reconsideration to bringing the Masters of the Universe BRAND (not necessarily Classics, but some iteration of the characters) back to retail prior to live action film (which, from all indications, still 2-3 years off at best)?

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