Update from the Four Horsemen:

Along with Sword-of-Grayskull, I was also at Wizard World Philadelphia.

I asked the Horsemen how hard it will be to sculpt a new Ram Man figure. Cornboy said that it will not be a challange it's Mattel giving the money for a whole new tooling that can not be reused.

But for me the most interesting thing was at the end of the MOTU part of their slideshow when they showed an intriguing picture:

What do you think?

For those who may not recognize the characters at first glance,
Here's what is shown in the slide, from left to right.
Top row: The Goddess (original Sorceress from original mini-comics), villains from New Adventures of He-Man, Adora (who transforms into She-Ra), Megator (classic Powers of Grayskull evil giant toy only released in Italy)
Bottom row: Tytus (classic Powers of Grayskull heroic giant toy only released in Italy), Shadow Weaver (evil sorceress from The Evil Horde), heroes from the New Adventures of He-Man, Lizard-Man (hero from the classic cartoon)