Took an extra day to sort all of these poll results.
That's because the results are quite interesting!
Let's look at it poll by poll.

First up, we need to know what percentage of customers the votes represent.
Based on information posted, gathered and guestimated, here are the production numbers on the MOTUC line that have been predicted by us and fans on
These are not to be relied on as accurate! It's only here as some form of reference point.

King Grayskull - 5000
He-Man - 10,000
Beast Man - 7,500
Skeletor - 10,000
Stratos - 7,500
Faker - 7,500 (we estimate 5000 were taking to NYCC to match what was taken to SDCC for King Grayskull)
Mer-Man - 15,000 (this is where Mattel said they had doubled numbers)
Zodac - 15,000
Hordak - 15,000 (Mattel stated that the numbers of Hordak were not hirer than previous figures)

The votes in the poll ranged between approximately 1800 votes to 2300 votes depending on the poll.
If everyone who voted is buying MOTUC figures, the representation of the amount consumed from the totals above depends on how many figures each fan ordered.
If everyone ordered just 1 figure, the average representation in our polls is about 14%
If everyone averaged 3 figures ordered, the average representation in our polls is about 42%
So the polls could potentially represent a respectable percentage of the consumer audience for MOTUC.

Poll #1 - Mini-comics VS extra heads
So, which do fans want more?
*** 2343 fans voted in this poll ***
Extra head - 1493 (63.72%)
Mini-comics - 851 (36.32%)

Extra heads clearly win out. But a respectable number of voters still preferred mini-comics.
While only a few people at the SDCC convention raised their hands for a vote on mini-comics, the story is quite different when put to a worldwide vote.

Poll #2 - What figure order limits should Mattel put in place?
Now that the line has been active for almost a year, where do fans feel the limit on orders should be?
*** 2097 fans voted in this poll ***
Reduce it to 3 per person for fans across the globe - 643 (30.66%)
Reduce it to 5 per person for fans across the globe - 561 (26.75%)
Leave it at 10 per person for fans across the globe - 351 (16.74%)
Find a way to leave it at 10 per person for international fans so they can gang-order and save on shipping, and reduce it to 3 per person for US fans - 310 (14.78%)
Find a way to leave it at 10 per person for international fans so they can gang-order and save on shipping, and reduce it to 5 per person for US fans - 232 (11.06%)

Results heavily vary in this poll.
One should note that 57.41% voted for the limit to be 5 or less. So an adjustment to 5 would be closer to representing a majority vote.
One should also note that 25.84% voted to find a way to increase the limit for international fans to allow them to save on shipping, but decrease for US based fan orders.

Poll #3 - Which brands are most important to you?
Fans all have their favorite MOTU lines. And some like them all. This gives us an idea of where popularity falls for the brands. This was also a ranking poll. So you could vote for all the brands you like.
*** 2186 fans voted in this poll ***
Original MOTU - 2,072 (94.78%)
Relaunched 2002 - 1,515 (69.30%)
She-Ra: POP - 1,413 (64.64%)
New Adventures of He-Man - 857 (39.20%)

It's safe to say from this poll that a big chunk of all fans who voted want to see ALL brands represented.
Original MOTU is the heavy winner by far. Very few fans do not want to see this brand represented. And since the MOTUC line is based most heavily in the original MOTU look, it looks like the line is to a good start.
But 2002 and She-Ra also came in heavy.
The sculpting style and reuse of parts in MOTUC makes the necessity of individual toolings for figures to achieve a 2002 next to impossible, as already indicated by Mattel. But love for the 2002 line remains heavy.

Poll #4 - What changes should be made if Mattel re-releases He-Man?
Mattel will be releasing He-Man and other figures who have previously sold out. We listed the most popular things people would want to see changed for a re-release of He-Man. This was also a ranking poll. So you could vote for all the elements you would want to see changed.
*** 1884 fans voted in this poll ***
modified packaging to indicate it is a new release - 982 (52.12%)
altering He-Man's wrist articulation so he can hold his sword perpendicular to the ground like in his famous transformation sequence - 812 (43.10%)
reducing red around the eyes - 781 (41.45%)
increasing the flexibility of the plastic in the furry shorts to allow for more posing and seating options - 693 (36.78%)
fix orientation of shoulders so they are not backwards - 671 (35.62%)
find a way to have tighter joints - 641 (34.02%)
no action-posing in the packaging to help prevent breaking - 598 (31.74%)
reducing glossy finish - 569 (30.20%)
reducing the size of He-Man's crotch piece between the ball-joints to match the size of Beast Man's in order to help prevent a bow-legged stance - 556 (29.51%)
lower his eyebrows to be closer to how Faker's were painted - 341 (18.10%)
don't change a thing - 335 (17.78%)

The rankings speak for themselves.
2nd edition packaging is the top preference.
Each option decrease slowly in popularity, so there's no clear divide on where interest drops dramatically on any one item.