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Thread: July 14th Poll results! Interesting results; please discuss!!!

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    I couldn't agree more! Nobody in the US needs to be ordering 10 of the same figure. I do think the international fans deserve this limit and maybe more to save on shipping with friends. I buy 3 myself and I think that is probably more than the average fan purchasing for their personal collection on a monthly basis. I got lucky with MAA but I got hosed on ebay by a reseller shortly after the sellout of Hordak. I had to take some vacation time this week, but it is totally worth it. I'm very curious as to how many subscriptions MOTUC has racked up for the first go-round? I hope it was above expectations and that they increase production accordingly. I really hope the MOTU community stays positive and continues to support the line!! I would love to see it continue for years to come!!!

    I'm still new to how to post on these forums. I was attempting to comment on Val's last post. I'll learn
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    After hearing everyone's arguments, I tend to agree that US sellers have little need in a 10 order limit. Though, I'm wondering how many fans in Germany or Argentina or whatever have actually organized together one purchase order-- or if there are just ebay sellers outside the US who are doing the same thing as US sellers. Either way, I'm not for hording.

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    I've always thought that the 10 limit is stupid because frankly thats not fair to the other folks that want 1 to 3 but anymore then 5 would IMHO be hording unless your getting friends 1 a piece and your honest about it.
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    If I want 150,000 to cover my house with, its shouldn't matter. They need to continue working to make enough to meet demand without overproducing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BriGuy View Post
    I'm not really sure how that hurts my argument. If you're saying resellers are less and less a factor, that would only support my position.
    Guess I misread what you were saying.

    But yeah, resellers are definitely less and less a factor.
    Hordaks have been very reasonably priced.
    And Mer-Man practically had to be GIVEN away.

    Quote Originally Posted by JVS3 View Post
    I'd say it's safe to say Mattel can definitely lower the limit from 10 to something smaller to insure more people get them.
    In theory I wouldn't have a problem with that (I've certainly never bought anywhere near 10 figures!) but I dunno, just even the possibility of limiting sales just doesn't sit right with me.

    It's possible that resellers are screwing up the gauge of how many "real fans" are buying these for Mattel to know by how much to increase production.

    That said, since the EFC doesn't have any limit on how many you can sign up for, I think that is a game changer for sure and will hopefully reveal a more accurate count of MOTUC collectors out there.

    So once that kicks in, I could see lowering the limit, but even still if it happens to be a "hot" character, the resellers will use multiple accounts and buddy up on several orders of 5 each to get the same amount they want when they could do so in orders of 10 instead.

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