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Thread: Do you buy AFA MOC Figures?

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    By the power of Grayskull kbob25's Avatar
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    Sweet! Now these cases were done by AFA or by someone else?

    [QUOTE=lee gray;2187757]On a slightly different subject but to do with afa I got my custom case today for my king grayskull box and it fits a treat...

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    It was made by AFA, cost 40 dollars, atleast now i will be handle it more often without worrying about wear

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    It appears you were lucky with your King Grayskull. It looks like you didn't have the double tape on your figures. All four of mine came double taped and the first set of tape was already broken. (Did anyone ever find out why this happened?)
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    A definite "no" on this one!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lee gray View Post
    It was made by AFA, cost 40 dollars, atleast now i will be handle it more often without worrying about wear
    For $40, it would have to fit perfectly I would think!

    So that AFA Graded Laser Skeletor and He-man for 50,000. Who valued these at for that much?

    If I see these sell for that price I am selling my MOC Laser Skeletor straight away and, clearing some debts and buying a motor bike!

    There is no argument that could possibly convince me that any action figure, ever, is worth 15K! I ever own a figure worth that much, I'm selling it!

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    Don't want to sound rude, but things are worth what people will pay for them. Right now a strange combonation of events seems to have driven the cost of these guys up big time. Good for some bad for others. Supply and demand dictates price.

    I buy AFA if the price is right, simple as that. I wouldn't avoid a good deal just because the figure was graded. However I have also noticed inconsistances on the MOCs I have had graded, lots of inconsitant grading IMO. I will still get all my things graded though because the cost for most is little over the cost of most cases. I think both sides make great points in this argument and I don't think there is a perfect answer.

    Overall I buy MOCs that are priced right that I need, the AFA is a after thought. I will say this, I would trust the opinions of the members of this board over the AFA any day!
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    kneedeep in the dead sathomaso's Avatar
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    In my opinion AFA-grading is only for people who can't judge a MOC/MIB/figure's condition by themselves.

    The acrylic-case protection is another pair of shoes.
    I have all my core collection protected by AFA's (former CloudCity).
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    Quote Originally Posted by sathomaso View Post
    In my opinion AFA-grading is only for people who can't judge a MOC/MIB/figure's condition by themselves.
    I'm not sure how much MOC MISB stuff you've purchased, but pictures don't show everything, sellers over rate, sellers lie, sellers have no idea about certain things, sellers strategically take pictures to hide things, and there are so many resealed pieces out there anymore, it's not even funny. 7,8,9 years ago, you didn't have to worry about this stuff, but nowadays you really got to watch youself. I have had a lot less frustrations, less disappointments, and less money loss by buying AFA.
    The only time I buy stuff ungraded anymore is from someone who is experienced with AFA. That way I can get a better understanding of the conditon. AFA at least provides some sort of a standard grading scale. Notice I said Some Sort and I'm by no means saying AFA is the Standard, but at least they provide a standard.
    One guys C9 is anothers C7. I"ve had sellers tell me the piece is prestine and when I get the pics it looks C7. However as I mentioned before you can't see everything in pictures either. I can make lots of stuff look better with a camera. I've got an AFA 70 (Lets say C7 ungraded) piece that I could send you a pic of and tell you it was an AFA 80 (Lets say C8 ungraded) and you'd believe it too. Now lets say you buy this ungraded figure. You just paid for a better conditioned toy than what you would receive. Which if I was to sell the piece I'm referring to under this situation. You just got ripped off by about 2k difference.
    Another thing. How about that 15k Heman Jetsled you just bought.(let's just say you did)
    Wouldn't it be nice to know exactly what condition it's in. Or better yet, wouldn't you like to know it's not resealed, or maybe just a fabricated piece of 10 dollar junk?

    I"m not saying that AFA is for everyone. To each is his own. Everyone collects things in their own way....and they should. They should do what ever makes them happy within thier budget. I'm Sorry, but I get sick and tired of people here bashing others for the way and things they collect. I wish people would just leave things like that alone and quit criticizing others.
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    Absolutely not!
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    Heroic synthalus's Avatar
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    I prefer to buy hard acrylic cases for my MOSC figures myself.
    I don't need to spend a fortune just to get a random number on my figures from some random AFA person

    But then again, I'm mostly a loose collector
    I do understand people that want more security when they are buying mosc/misb.
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    Definitely not. Never saw the need or the point to it. The figures I buy (be them MOC or loose) are always for my collection and never to resell, so if like the pictures (they must be good pictures, of course) that's good enough for me. If in doubt about the condition of a MOC figure I ask all the necessary questions and extra pictures before buying/bidding. Abiding by this method I have never been disappointed upon buying moc items.
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    Negative. I have ZERO use for AFA- where once they may have served some purpose, I will never spend money in that manner.

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    I started buying graded cards and coins years ago; graded figures seemed a logical step. What I don't get is graded comics? You can't open them and read them. And graded video games, very dumb. But graded figures I like, it does increase the resale value.
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    AFA = No Freaking Way.
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    I dont buy anything with the idea of reselling them later . I take good care of my things but i do want to hold them in my hand and smell them , Play and try out their gimmick whatever it is .

    I think that AFA MOC gift set with a little bubble display of Heman but the Windraider hidden behind cardboard is such a waste . Is there really an intact Windraider inside ? Maybe some part is broken ? The risk of anything being damaged is possible including to 2000 dollar never opened never used toy . I will stick to loose figures thank you .

    Technically when you pay for an AFA MOC, youre paying for the cardboard and plastic covering . Imagine giving any MOC / clear bubble toy to a child and telling him he can only ever look at it .

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