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  • A Hit Movie That Isn't Very Faithful

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  • No Movie At All But The Toyline Continues

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  • I Like Turtles!!!

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Thread: What Type Of MOTU Movie Would You Prefer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fantombe View Post
    "Unfaithful" would need to be defined more clearly and have some definite lines drawn somewhere.
    That is the point! Nobody can't define "faithful"/"unfaithful", especially with long running franchises or franchises that had so many different canons... Like I already said, every adaptation so far was both "faithful" and "unfaithful" at the same time (Schrodinger's franchise! )...
    And, not, to be rude to anybody, but even if they made movie totally shot-for-shot based on Filmation episode or minicomic, there would still be fans who would be crying and whining about said movie.. We've seen that with every other franchise.. There would be people wanting to know why Filmation and not minicomic, why was Orko there/why wasn't Orko there, why this, why that, and movie will not ultimately please all fans...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Piccolo Daimaoh View Post
    It would be awesome if someone who loved MOTU the way Jason Segel loves the Muppets did the movie.
    this is always a plus, but first and foremost you want a good film maker at the helm. i've seen directors that were fans of the properties they were adapting turn out bad movies, and i've seen directors that knew very little about the source material turn out great movies. love counts for little without skill.
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    Story is the first thing.

    Then character structure.

    Then colour sceme.

    Then storyboard it and put it on

    Then money men or be it go to people from hollywood can call and arange meetings.

    Then casting and directing.

    Then shoot.

    ...(I have done the first 4 steps.)

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    I don't care about a movie because I'm still disappointed in the 1987 movie with Dolph Lundgren. Can't believe the next movie could be much better. Will have to get convinced first!

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    I'm not real sure, except that a movie scares me. Look at Green Lantern, it was a flop (I rather enjoyed it). I would hate for a movie to be a flop and kill the chances for more figures or kill the line in general.

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