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  • Boo Berry

    25 38.46%
  • Franken Berry

    15 23.08%
  • Count Cocula

    25 38.46%
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Thread: Boo Berry, Frankenberry, or Count Cocula?

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    I wasn't allowed to eat those types of cereals when I was a kid. But, there's only one cereal option: Fruity Pebbles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by starbasetoys View Post
    boo berry all the way!
    NASTY!!!!! :-p

    Count Chocula or Franken Berry is way better!

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    I love all three! First is Count Chocula, then Boo Berry, then Frankenberry. But really, they are all awesome.

    Now about Fruit Brute and Yummy Mummy ... weren't they the same cereal, only with two different names? When I was very little, Fruit Brute was made but I didn't like it. And wasn't the werewolf a female? Memory ... fuzzy ...
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    Boo-Berry. I think Walmart has these available around Halloween.

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    Yo man, I can make a call to my fam on the East coast and getcha some Boo Berry

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teelor View Post
    Now about Fruit Brute and Yummy Mummy ... weren't they the same cereal, only with two different names? When I was very little, Fruit Brute was made but I didn't like it. And wasn't the werewolf a female? Memory ... fuzzy ...
    not exactly.

    Fruit Brute had vanilla cereal with fruity marshmallows Yummy Mummy had fruity cereal with vanilla marshmallows.

    Not sure about the gender. Never saw actual Fruit Brute commercials. The mascot has appeared in a couple Robot Chicken sketches though and seems to be male.

    My parents never let me have any cereal with marshmallows when I was a kid. Years later I finally got to try all three. All pretty good I'd have to say Count Chocula was the best with a tie between the other two. I hated the green slime marshmallows though. Always picked those out.
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    Frankenberry, definitely. I've always loved strawberry flavor (though I'm not a fan of strawberries themselves).
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    Boo Berry got my vote, close contest!
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    boo berry is dumb.
    it would be fun to know what your favorite cereal was growing up. captain crunch & rice crispies were mine.

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    I haven’t had any of these cereals. I voted for Boo Berry because I think it has the best box.

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    Chocolate is my favorite candy so Count Cocula easily.
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    Frankenberry with it's STRAAAAAAWBERY flavered sweeties.
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    Vote for Boo Berry but Frute Brute was my favorite while it was being made. I looked up the dates on Yummy Mummy once and I think I was in college when that was made because I had no memory of the brand when it finally got re-issued, what was it 10 years ago or so?... The re-issue stuff has been changed, I think. From my last purchase of the stuff years ago, Frute Brute was changed to cherry flavor and Yummy Mummy was orange but I could be wrong.

    Most of the cereals I was fond of as a kid had been discontinued by the time most of you guys were born. My favorite was similar to the monster cereals but out years before called Kaboom!, I remember finding new stock 20 years ago or so on the shelf at a mini-mart in the middle of nowhere. I had to get a box. Unfortunately either I outgrew the taste or the formula had been changed... Nasty... I don't think King Vitamin has ever been off the shelf (though it isn't anywhere near as popular now and has no advertising) but it does not taste the same as when it was introduced. There were a pair of cereals called Quisp (small, big-head alien with a propeller on the top of his head) and Quake (a muscle-bound super hero with cape and miner's helmet later changed to a cowboy), I don't remember what company made them but the mascots in the ads were animated by Jay Ward productions and most of the in-box premiums were of Jay Ward characters. Malt-O-Meal makes a cereal that is pretty much the same thing (it's flat-ish and circular with a light gold color) as Quisp and Quake was like honey flavored Cap'n Crunch. There was also a cereal themed to the Red Baron called Baron Von Redberry (berry flavor and like the monster cereals) and it had a companion brand called Sir Grapefellow that was grape. Pink Panter cereal was like Frosted Flakes with something akin to Strawberry Quik on it that would turn the milk pink.

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