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Thread: When did some fans start using Disco Skeletor and stop using Acid Trip Skeletor? :-D

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    If the hands and feet were black it wouldn't be so bad, I will never buy it intentionally, but may keep it if it comes in a lot . At least here in europe, the repaints and other versions of He-man/skeletor didn't kill the line. I think the line was more succesful in general, the figures that were the most common was the ones of the first line, Man-at-arms, Mer-man, Beast-man, and the sonic He-man and Skeletor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thexxwatcherxx View Post
    I think I can take some credit for Disco skeletor. I remember everybody calling that Skeletor every name in the book. I had been using Disco Skeltor because the gold reminded me of the gold lame and garish shiny clothing they used in the 70's disco era. I remember that poll too. I think i suggested it and it just stuck. BTW I love Disco Skeletor. I own mine proudly. He's so gauddy, so bad, that's he's good! Thanx Paul~
    That's how I look at him as well, hence why I think Disco fits best.
    Also because it's the easiest/shortest way to describe the variant.

    And I think I thought back when he first started showing up was sometime around/before Halloween, which gave me the impression that is was a "Halloween" inspired repaint, looking at the orange highlights and the simple fact that his paint scheme was such a departure from the blue and purple, that it looked more like an actual costume...for Halloween.

    And in all honesty, I was just as disgusted at first sight as much as the next He-Fan, but the look did grow on me, and I am proud to own one.

    It's just so ugly, it's beautiful!
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    I've always called it Disco Inferno Skeletor, as a homage to Marvel's Inferno storyline I was re-reading at the time I got one. The ultimate figure to stand on the shelf next to Entrapta. Shiny!

    Of all the redecos I've seen in person (which leaves out Beast-Man, Trap-Jaw and Mer-Man), this Skeletor is by far the ultimate. Tri-Klops is also something that pleases my old eyes. And at least Ice Armor Skeletor was a 'new' figure. Unlike the Stealth Armor He-Man done twice with only a new name but not even a colour change.

    I'd also like to point out I'm colour blind.
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    Can’t wait to see him in HE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE MULTIVERSE issue #3
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    Going back to the original posts of the thread, the first time I heard him referenced as Disco Skeletor was in an issue of Toyfare. I remember thinking "So there's a Rave Skeletor and a Disco Skeletor, what's next, Country Line Dance Skeletor?" It wasn't until later that I realized Rave and Disco Skeletor were one and the same.

    Personally, I always called him Sha Na Na Skeletor.
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    I had some pretty good catch phrases back in the day , but I can’t remember what I called him. I used his sword for Faker though, it looked really good with him. So there was SOME merit there!

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    I seem to remember people calling him LSD Skeletor too. lol.
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    I can't believe the newest issue of Multiverse made me a fan of that color scheme after all these years.

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    There are probably a lot more people that know what a disco setting looks like compared to an acid trip.

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