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  • Non-talking Cringer

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  • New look of some characters (Sorceress, Fisto, Zodak, etc)

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  • The Toys

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  • The Cartoon

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Thread: What made you dislike the 200X MOTU?

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    What made you dislike the 200X MOTU?

    What made you dislike the 200X MOTU?

    Please chose the main reason that made you dislike the 200X version of MOTU.

    Mine was the Toys the main reason.

    Multichoice . . . donīt forget you can chose more than one reason.

    I ask to donīt have any fight here, please post your reason and chose your option in the poll, if you liked the 200X version this thread is not the place to defend it, is just to know the opinions of who donīt like some particularities in it, in a civilized manner, so no pro vs anti post here, please reply only to the question and nothing more.
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    Heroic Warrior
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    Can we have an option that eludes to not liking He-Man and Skeletor sculpts and not wanting a toyline based on these?

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    Heroic Warrior King Tycho's Avatar
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    The stupid anime influenced battels that were more about jumping and twirling swords then actually fighting.

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    Loves/Hates ♠ DO4M's Avatar
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    I do not DISLIKE MOTU 200X but These were the things that bothered me about it.

    -The sword: Not because of the size, my dislike towards the sword is the excessive techno design... it looks too busy... (That's the reason why I also dislike the First Tsurugi from FFVII...)

    -New look on some of the Characters: Sorceress. (The Egyptian theme didn't mesh with Grayskull too well.)

    -The Toys: Not going to talk about the case ratios here or smash blade he-man is killin teh lien! I'm going to talk about the fragility, lack of Articulation and inconsistencies in paint jobs.
    For a toy that was geared for kids (With the action features and all that...) they feel a bit flimsy... Broke one Skeletor because of a faulty waist joint. Broke one hand on a Stratos and a Battle Sound He-Man. After that I stopped playing with the figs. Also the battle Axe seems to break off rather easily...

    -Other: Here I'll speak of the inability to find Non He-man/Skeletor characters thanks to the odd case ratios... being forced to rely on secondary markets... (including the evil ResellOrs) to find Merman, Roboto, Syklone and others. The overabundance of He-Man/Skelly variants. (then to that you add the smash blade, spin blade, samurai armor, etc. versions of he-man and skelly.)
    the juggling that Cartoon Network had with the show...

    It's not like 200X, PoP or NA burned our crops, blew up our schools and killed our children...
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    Where is the Nothing option?
    Can someone PM me the US number for Matty? I want to talk to someone who might has a clue of what is going on.

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    Loves/Hates ♠ DO4M's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Kain View Post
    Where is the Nothing option?
    That would be the Other please explain... option
    I do not believe for MOTU 200X to be flawless. I pointed out what I saw as flaws (or things that bothered me). Yet still love it as much as any other MOTU era (except New Adventures... I still need to get used to it.)
    You should try to locate any flaws... (Even it got cancelled too soon is a flaw)
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    Heroic Warrior slgcmg's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by King Tycho View Post
    The stupid anime influenced battels that were more about jumping and twirling swords then actually fighting.
    THis is the argument I never understand. The 80's toons never had any fighting and He-Man never used his sword. 2002 was way better!!!
    Like anyone could even know that

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    Heroic Warrior Faceless One's Avatar
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    I agree with DO4M in the Sorceress things. In general I liked the 200X series but these are the weak points to me;

    -Too egyptian Sorceress.
    -He-Man and Skeletor figures could be better.
    -Keldor history.
    -Too much versions of He-Man and Skeletor.
    -Stupid repaints instead of new figures.
    -Some henchmans of Skeletor never do a thing well in all the series.
    -A bit too much He-Man protagonism, the Masters sometimes seems that they were only to be saved by He-man.
    -Eternian peoples like the ones of King Carnivus nearly never appear.
    -Early cancellation and the consequences; Two Bad only appears in 2 or 3 episodes, a lot of things end leaving lot of non-resolved plots.

    That's all. If you see the promotional video it makes you think that the series will be more spectacular, but all the same, I think is one of the best modernizations of any 80's cartoons.

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    KNOCK-OFF MESSIAH galaxy warrior's Avatar
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    the egyptian / anime look and feel was just not he-man. it didnt hold the same power and strength. it was too trendy...which is never a good venture. you may capitalize on the fad oriented kids and collectors but the line holds no long term power at all. it was a mistake... vintage was a trend setter not a follower. and holds ever lasting appeal.......sorry 200x fans


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    Heroic Warrior sircory-1's Avatar
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    I didn't like the flat-footedness and awkward natural stances of the 200x toys. Some of the figures were very difficult to stand up on their own and pose. Although I have a special appreciation for the 200x toys and display them proudly, compared to MOTUC they often look diminuitive and in some cases, unrecognizable.

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    I am Tri-Klops! Vahn's Avatar
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    Nothing actually made me dislike the 200X MOTU; I actually think it represents the best incarnation of MOTU, but one thing about it that I don't like is the techno bits on the new Power Sword. I think even if they had gone with the origin that the Horsemen had planned, those details would seem a bit off. My only other nitpick about the sculpts is the oversizing of certain things, like Duncan's pauldron, FISTO's fist. If you scale these items back about 50%, they still look massive, but not clown-like.
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    Winning Skeletor Wacky Martin's Avatar
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    I disliked very little about it.

    The only thing that annoyed me was the phasing out of Skeletor in the latter half of season two of the cartoon - in favour of a pretty dull Serpos arc and a subpar last few episodes.

    The blatant toy commerical episodes were also very annoying, though I put that down to the writers more than anything. Sometimes they were able to work the variants in really well (Sky War, Trust), and other times it was just ridiculously blatant advertising.

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    Vengeance Demon The Riding Ghost's Avatar
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    Loved the story but all the other reasons are already well documented onn this thread already such as the anime influence, unavailability of toys other than He-Man/Skeletor, toy construction, hideous power sword, etc. I also disliked the fact that cringer didnt talk...


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    Evil & Armed For Combat TrapJaw's Avatar
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    I'm aboard the "DIDN'T Dislike" boat, but there were a few things that bothered me about it.

    #1 - Rebooting the OG Filmation Show I thought the fact that 200X MotU was merely a reboot of the series was kind of weak. I would have much preferred that original idea of the Four Horsemen, where Skeletor has somehow gained the upper hand, claimed the Power Sword for himself, and now rules a significant portion of Eternia. I know Mattel had hopes that the brand would take off with kids, but it was we older fans that kept MotU close to our hearts for all of these years. I'd have liked to see them build off of the old toon and have a very dramatic storyline involving He-Man and Co. fighting to dethrone Skeletor.

    #2 - The 2000X Power Sword Design While I liked most of Four Horsemen's stuff, the new Power Sword was, in a word, fugly. I understand the need to design a new one based on the storyline that they pitched to Mattel, but the final look of the sword was way too nonsensically techno. I think a new sword similar in design to the old one would have sufficed.

    #3 - The Fight Choreography Again, I know they were aiming this show at kids and that they thought "anime-ing" it up might reel them in, but I think that was what helped to disinterest them. Most of the anime shows that I used to watched tended to have far better fight scenes and the weapons twirling, ridiculous leaping about, and other wuxia stuff was kept to a minimum. Tons and tons of showing off, with very few decent battles. It did not fit Masters of the Universe at all.

    #4 - A Lack of Updated Ol' School Vehicles I hated, hated the fact that there were no vehicle toys that were updated, yet faithful designs of the old classics! No Wind Raider, Battle Ram, Attak Trak, or Stridor? And no Talon Fighter?!? Unforgivable. Part of the reason I was such a rabid collector of 200x MotU was the fact that when I was a kid, my family was pretty poor and couldn't afford to buy most of the classic toys. Having updated versions of the classics would have been awesome.

    #5 - Overly-Plentiful Weird Variants This was the unifying cry emitted by many lovers of obscure characters. How many versions of He-Man and Skeletor had to molder on the shelves before we'd get a new character? Spin Blades, Samurais, etc., etc. And the stupid case ratios didn't help matters one bit. In a case of six figures, they'd ship four He-Man figures, then one Man-At-Arms and one Stratos. It was frustrating and annoying to collectors AND kids. More than one time I'd find the figure I'd been hunting for for weeks, only to give it to some kid who likewise had been hunting it.
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    Heroic Master of Tugging CarKrash's Avatar
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    If it wasn't for 200X, I'm not sure i'd be a MOTUC collector. He-Man always brings me back to shell out cash... since the age of 4. I'd say the availability of figures was pretty rough. Thank god I had an Aldi's near me to pick up all the snake men in one shot.. Since I never seen any of 'em again.. Other than that.. I really liked the show, the comics, and the toys.. I wish I could have more of all, and that to me.. is the biggest flaw. Less is not more when it comes to He-Man crap. :[

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    Heroic Eternian Mechanic TechTrek's Avatar
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    my favorite thing about the fighting stuff in the cartoon was triclops and mekeneks fight in the first episode....

    they looked like they were break dance, batton twirl fighting!!! I loved the animation as far as I dont think it was TOO anime, but some of the fighting was a bit much.

    mek twirled his club on his back AND was spinning towards Triclops. heck yeah!!!!

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    Heroic Warrior triklops3eyes's Avatar
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    I actually love the 200x series due to the fact it expanded on characters backgrounds. I loved the Two-Bad origin as well as Odiphus/Stinkor's. I liked that Fisto was Duncan's brother, as i had toyed with the idea in a few fanfics i had written in the past. The most overall annoying thing to constantly bother me was the fact that Cringer/Battle Cat was unable to speak.

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    Heroic Italian Warrior PaoloKr's Avatar
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    I really enjoyed the 2x line. Just He-Man looked too skinny and I didn't like the whole KG story.
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    MOTUC fan! Evil_Horde's Avatar
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    I dislike all series 200x, exception for some AF such as Mantenna and Evil lyn!

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    Lightning League Leader kylun flac's Avatar
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    What made you dislike the 200X MOTU?

    It ended!! So did everything else motu 200x.

    What I didn't like was that some characters were made out to be stupid. Like Clawful, Whiplash, Beastman & Ram Man. And some voices didn't sound right. Moss Man & Trap-Jaw

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    UK MOTU Comics Junkie Mosquitor's Avatar
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    I liked the 200x reboot overall, but the points I disliked, and which I felt helped in killing the reboot were:

    - The weak second season. Plots felt rushed, too many boring action sequences instead of character development, too much of a 'toy commercial' feel.

    - The King Grayskull backstory, and the whole business with Fisto as Duncan's brother and Teela's father.

    - The Snake Men. The toys were fine, but they were downright boring in the show and didn't seem strong enough characters to steal the spotlight from Skeletor.

    - Orko. Although he was thankfully used less than he had been in Filmation's show, I didn't really see the point in keeping him in the 200x version at all.

    - Lack of fantasy/sword & sorcery. The show's plots focused more on the technological aspects and gave the show more of a sci-fi than a fantasy feel. Eternia wasn't really explored either, it was treated as a generic backdrop to the action.

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    Human... Robot... Maniac Spacedust's Avatar
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    I've commented on my general dislike for 200x on other threads, but to repeat myself (again )...

    The main problem was that was too much of a mish-mash. I'm fine with them updating the style for a new generation (heck, I'd be cross if they didn't), but the whole "anime" feel felt awkwardly welded on, just to copy other kid's lines, and really didn't work.

    This lead to awkward, out-of-scale figures, with ridiculously oversized weapons and features, but TINY heads (as I've said many times before, you could hardly see the faces of some figures, such as Skeletor or Man-E-Faces; and when a figure's "feature" is his rotating faces and you can't even see them, you know something is wrong).

    Which in turn led to ugly designs in general. Again, I guess I can accept updated designs, but they did in it the wrong manner and were too unfocused, and from the graceful designs of the vintage line, we got many plain ugly, genre-mish-mash designs.

    I also didn't like that many of the figures were molded in place, such as Tri-Klops, in an "action pose", severely limiting posability and play options. Throw in the dulled-down colours (one of vintage MOTU's trademarks was it's vibrant colours) and skinny designs (c'mon, He-Man was so gangly), and I'm afraid I just didn't take to the figures much at all. Only a couple, such as Roboto, Buzz-Off and maybe one or two others really did it for me.

    And we won't even get on to the many, many pointless variants!

    Sure I liked the added detail of the MYP cartoon series, but let's be fair, animation technology has come a long way in 20 years since the Filmation days, and more detail doesn't mean better overall result (I'm afriad I think some people look at MYP with rose-tinted spectacles). Some of those MYP episodes were just one long, dull battle, and I truly haven't watched some of them right through since the day I originally recorded them, they're that dull.

    200x got a decent chance - it had shelf space in stores, and a cartoon series. But it was just taken in totally the wrong direction. They should have been bold and dared to make it unique, but instead they just tried to copy everything else that was around, and the result just wasn't strong enough to last.

    I suppose there were a few okay-ish elements mixed in, but when I think of what the high-profile MOTU reboot could have been, and the damp squib it ultimately became, I just feel sad.
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    Other: Crappy toy distribution. I worked with Mattel at the time of the series, and I couldn't even get some of the toys like Merman! Repaints and variants sucked too. I still don't have all of the variants, and I'm a bit of a completist.

    Oh, and the vehicles were disappointing. War Whale. Attack Squid. Just the names alone sound silly. They started strong with Bashin Beetle (dumb name, cool vehicle) but the rest of the vehicles looked really cheap.
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    200x got me into He-man- so there is very little I don't like, or I can overlook as minor flaws that all products lines suffer from.

    The only real problem I hated was the toy case ratios- it not only left a sour taste in my mouth collection MOTU, but toy collection all together. I am a lot more selective now with what I collect.

    The pacing of the second season of the cartoon bothers me. Knowing the behind the scenes why, I can forgive that. There are still quite a few gems in that season that make me forget the mediocre ones.

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    Evil Witch of Metternia Met-Hild's Avatar
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    Even with all it's flaws I like 200X far more than I dislike it, but there are things I did and do have problems with. It's more about details that just the broad options available here. I'll go through the whole lot to get to those bits.

    New Power Sword - I'll be honest, don't like it. It's an oversized jagged mess of technological parts while the old one was an elegant looking fantasy weapon. I know how it came to be, but when Mattel abandoned the storyline that explained it's existance, the design should have been abandoned as well, or at least streamlined. I've learned to accept it, though.

    King Grayskull story - I love the design of King Grayskull, but as an explanation for the origin of Castle Grayskull and its mysterious power, he just fails. (Not that I think that He-Ro would be any better in a similar role. To me the power of Grayskull is something much more than the power of any one man could ever be.) This is also a minor complaint.

    New look of some characters - Mostly I loved the new designs, but I thought they just went way too far with the Sorceress. The Filmation era Sorceress remains the definitive version for me. Even though it's very Alcala-accurate, I didn't like Skeletor's bare feet either. Nor do I like them on the MOTUC. The original toy Skeletor always wore boots.

    The Toys - I really loved the original designs of the toys, but what posessed Mattel to think that they'd be better if they reduced the articulation to a minimum? Stuck in those awkward poses, the few joints they were left with didn't do much good. I don't even need to mention the endless variants or the case ratios. Mattel could have had a goose laying golden eggs, but instead they decided to chop it's head off and serve it for dinner.

    The Cartoon- Everyone seems to mention the silly weapon twirling, but let's face it, it was pointless nonsense. Fortunately there was less of it later on (or then I just grew used to it). Some of the Buy Our Playsets And Toys episodes were a bit blatant too. I didn't like blue Keldor, when I was already used to the idea of him as Randor's brother. And the exaggerated damage was just way too much. If you toss a guy into a huge tree or a rock wall, he does not just go through it without getting as much as a bruise. It's ridiculous.

    However what really annoyed me is how they made Eternia into Naboo with furry loincloths. I'm a big fan of the pre-Filmation miniternia where technology was scarce leftovers from a lost civilization and the world was largely desolate, yet full of mystery. Filmation already tried to turn Eternia into a high-tech dominated scifi setting, and MYP was all too often like the Star Wars Prequels with more magic and less space travel. Then they were supposedly flying from the other side of the planet to the other during one episode, making me wonder if Eternia is smaller than Earth's moon. And don't even get me started on the Mystic Wall or the Dark Hemisphere...

    I can't comment on the comics, because they were already out of print before I even found out they had existed.

    That may seem like a lot of complaints, but I see most of them as minor nitpicks. It's really just the way they ruined the toyline that left a sour taste in my mouth. 200X could have been so much more than it was allowed to be.
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