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  • King Grayskull story

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  • Young Adam

    17 17.00%
  • Non-talking Cringer

    37 37.00%
  • New look of some characters (Sorceress, Fisto, Zodak, etc)

    34 34.00%
  • The Toys

    35 35.00%
  • The Cartoon

    25 25.00%
  • The Comics

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  • The all story (in Comics and Cartoon)

    10 10.00%
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Thread: What made you dislike the 200X MOTU?

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    Nothing made me dislike 200X in fact the general idea behind it is still my preferred MOTU style (particularly stactions) but there were elements I didn't like. I didn't like cringer/BC not talking, hated Orko's voice, hated MAA being the star, thought He-Man was too stiff, Clawful and whiplash were too stupid, (this is all toon by the way) for toys I hated the case ratios, I hated how skinny he-man was after the focus groups got a hold of him (not to mention his hair) and I hated the way off scale (the stactions got the character size differences right.)
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    Loved everything about it. Loved it, loved it, loved it. Loved Cam Clarke as He-Man/Adam. I only wish it was still going today and we could have seen She-Ra, the Great Rebellion and the Horde in the next season. I also wish we could have seen what was going to happen between He-Man and Teela in the next season. She was going to mature in the next season with a look reminiscent to Wonder Woman. Plus digging deeper into the Keldor-Randor story. Sounds like it would have been good.
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    I got rid of them because we know have the Classics. That simple for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by King Tycho View Post
    The stupid anime influenced battels that were more about jumping and twirling swords then actually fighting.
    Wow, you're in my head.

    Well, not just the silly fight scenes, but also:

    New Power Sword- ugh.
    Young Adam- ditto
    Non-talking Cringer- if he's not gonna whine, then let's just go the Oo-Larr mini-comic route, fer Pete's sake...
    The Toys-made both better AND worse in terms of proportion and articulation to the vintage line... seriously...
    The Cartoon- as above, the three- hour sword fights, complete with three- day leaps into the air... TRIPLE ugh...
    The all story (in Comics and Cartoon)- ...uh, yeah...

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    I pretty much enjoyed 200X but i really really hated Sorceress going all Egyptian High Priestess.

    She turns into Zoar the falcon , thats why her costume looked like that. Shamans who turn into animals usually wear a costume of that animal . She has nothing to do with Horus or Amon Ra . Oh yes and why not give her some Queen Angela wings too.

    Everything i loved about original Sorceress was ruined .
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    I liked 200x/MYP/MVC a whole lot. I really did.

    The only thing I sort of disliked was the Power Sword; it was clumsy and ugly - and not needed, in my view, since the traditional Sword of Power was so iconic.

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    200x is like nothing else to me, normally i would only care about the toys but when it comes to 200x, i only cared about the show. Saw it in 2007 or something but really did enjoy it

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    I chose other, the fact that it ended before making all the figures, and way tooooo many variants. The "b" characters were hard to find. And no snake armor He-Man to be found.

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    I really enjoyed the 200X cartoon but there were somethings that bugged me:

    1. I didn't like how they shifted Hordak and the Horde to the distant past. I would have preferred that Hordak's reign was more recent with Keldor/Skeletor seeking to take his power and banish him from Eternia.

    2. I would have liked some more development between Keldor and Randor as well there are too many holes in their backstory

    3.I wasn't too fond of how they portrayed Zodak. I prefer to have being a cosmic enforcer who's dedicated to mainting the balance of good and evil and not some vilgiante who's out for revenge.
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    I grew up with 200X, though I honestly think it made a major misstep with Hordak. In She-Ra, Hordak was a charismatic, yet devious despot with a sense of humor. In 200X, however, Hordak's just this generic evil mentor/Warlord who created Skeletor- and that's it. Otherwise, he has no personality outside of just being really evil. Oh, and the 'belt that shocks people whenever they think evil thoughts' is really stupid.

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    I have trouble finding ANYTHING good to say about the 200x thing.

    It was at least good that there was an effort to get He-Man out there again.
    ..and trying to make a very very simple story background, subtle changes that Filmation never did.

    ..but flying over-stylized-ninjas and super-sized guns are just never good.

    In Fist of the North Star the excessive kung-fu was fundamental to the story.
    Oh, and Jesse Ventura .."ain't got time to bleed".

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    I don't dislike it. But there are some major things I don't like about some of the redesigns. Most are just fine. But I really dislike what they did to:

    Castle Grayskull
    He-Man's colors and symbol
    Ugly power sword
    Battle Cat's armor/overall look
    Changes to Ram Man
    Sorceress looked neat but looked nothing like herself

    I like most of the rest of them. But because they changed some of my favorite things in a way I didn't like, that has kept me from having too much interest in 200x beyond watching the show.
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    Where's the option for "I didn't dislike it"?

    I loved the cartoon (OK, except I could have done with less of an anime influence in the art)

    As for the toys, I really liked some of them, although the crappy and dumb variants (BTW I am NOT talking about Battle Armor Skeletor, Fire Armor Skeletor or Ice Armor He-man and Snake Armor He-man here cuz I love all those) were what killed it for me.

    But I still prefer my 200X Orko to any other Orko and I love the way they upsized Clawful and Beast Man. Overall I loved the redesigns and prefer them to the 80s ones (especially Teela & Sorceress!)

    Oh, and I guess I must be the only MOTU fan in existence who actually LIKED that Cringer didn't talk (always thought it was so dumb and annoying on the original show)
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    Quote Originally Posted by S'laargorath View Post
    Where's the option for "I didn't dislike it"?

    I loved the cartoon (OK, except I could have done with less of an anime influence in the art)

    As for the toys, I really liked some of them, although the crappy and dumb variants (BTW I am NOT talking about Battle Armor Skeletor, Fire Armor Skeletor or Ice Armor He-man and Snake Armor He-man here cuz I love all those) were what killed it for me.

    But I still prefer my 200X Orko to any other Orko and I love the way they upsized Clawful and Beast Man. Overall I loved the redesigns and prefer them to the 80s ones (especially Teela & Sorceress!)

    Oh, and I guess I must be the only MOTU fan in existence who actually LIKED that Cringer didn't talk (always thought it was so dumb and annoying on the original show)
    I'm right there with you. It's not the version "in my head," but no version will ever be and this was amazingly close.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pollex Christi View Post
    I'm right there with you. It's not the version "in my head," but no version will ever be and this was amazingly close.
    I feel the same way. I liked it. A few things irked me slightly (too much martial-arts leaping about!) but not many. And it developed the Filmation-verse in a meaningful way.

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    WOW!, this debate again, lol. Complete with a loaded question. To date, its still the best motu animation to date. most cohesive story line, natural dialog. Plus the fight scenes were actual fight scenes rather than foreplay. Granted they were acrobatic and unrealistic, but no more of a stretch than some dude swinging his sword around while screaming some crazy **** & poof, his clothes disappear and he has an instant tan.

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    Looks like if you go to an old thread and vote, the forum treats it like you had posted a new message and moves the thread to the top.

    But since I voted, I might as well say my choice was the new Power Sword, and even that's only a nitpick.
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    My biggest problem with 200x was that it didn't find commercial success and was ultimately canceled as a result. They only made 34 episodes so the overall impact of the show was minimal. The toy line failed to sell as well so Mattel pulled the show off the air half way through the second season.

    The reason 200x failed was because they aimed the show at too old a demographic. The publishers at Mike Young Productions (MYP) openly stated they were aiming the show at teenagers. This is why MYP rationalized stuff like Cringer not talking and making the show more Sci-fi than fantasy. They were trying to appeal to teenagers. This was a mistake because teens for the most part don't buy action figures. Teenagers in the early 2000s were abandoning physical toys for video games. When the toys didn't sell the cartoon got canceled.

    Snake armor He-Man was possibly the ugliest design I had ever seen. It is a cardinal sin to cover up He-Man's muscles. Too many episodes focused on He-Man wearing armor and robotic suits to appeal the sci-fi fad of the early 2000s. It was stupid decisions like covering up He-Man that led to the show being canceled.

    They should have aimed the show at a younger demographic such as 5 to 8 year olds. I ultimately voted for talking cringer because it would skewed the show younger and would have given 200X more mainstream commercial appeal.

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    What I've seen of it, I've really liked. The only thing I don't like about the figure design is the hunched shoulders. I do like the stylized look.

    Unfortunately, 200X came at a time in my life when I was really busy with other things. I didn't know it existed until it was over.

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    I actually liked the majority of 200x, the sword kinda was crappy but I never used it in my display. The cartoon fighting scenes were total cheese. But otherwise great animation, good story, I could tell care was given. My biggest gripe is of course the awful distribution and case pack-outs of the toys... and the utter lack of fore thought that Mattel gave to their in-house brand and being so totally out of touch with the demographics. Also the constant changing of the slot on cartoon network, as if they were intentionally trying to sabotage the show! Harumph sir! I do say!
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    Did not dislike the 200X He-Man, persay, though I freely admit to being more of a fan for She-Ra and her crew. It was a fine show while it was out, sadly canceled before it's time (probably doesn't help it didn't get a lot of advertising for it from CN). One thing that did bother me was Cringer losing his voice. They basically reduced him to nothing but a pet. Yes I know he was technically Adam's pet in the old 'toon, but he was also a character in his own right. They didn't even give him the same consideration Snarf got in the Thundercats remake wherein he gets to at least show himself to be more intelligent than he seems. And from what I've seen of the DC comic, Spirit would have gotten the same treatment. That's two character being transformed into nothing more than accessories because someone doesn't understand how to make them fit well.

    Quote Originally Posted by kup View Post
    If Hasbro was in charge of MOTU they would have likely made all the Master characters as kids with He-Man as the father figure. Or worse, the Masters would take second place to a whole bunch of annoying 'new characters' kids.

    Transformers hasn't really had a decent cartoon since Beast Wars
    Have to disagree with this simply because I liked both Prime and Animated which were two excellent shows in my opinion, but that's neither here nor there.

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    I like, don't love 200x, but have very happy / fond memories seeing (and buying) the Snakemen wave of figures in Target here in Oz. Still remember the thrill of coming across them and the mad excitement of going through the racks to check out each figure and how it was redesigned.

    The new power sword was a bold, brave and not entirely successful move, but for me personally, I'd have had trouble accepting any new design or re-imaging that wasn't the vintage or Filmation power sword in appearance. Even as a child I couldn't understand why the power sword in the MOTU movie was different...Sure, I thought it was cool, but it wasn't the real power sword to me...the vintage / filmation power sword is the definitive version for me, forever...

    It's a small thing, but didn't like the change / removal of the cross symbol on his armour either..

    The 200x cartoon (from what I've seen) looked decent enough. Involving story-lines. Good characterisations. Not sure about the casting of Leonardo as Prince Adam / He-Man though...just couldn't buy in to it. Also not 100% sold on the anime-style look of the animation. Just personally not my thing...

    Loved the season 1 opening titles and how they were a modern day homage to the Filmation original. Yet strongly disliked the season 2 opening generic and yucky

    Also, from what I've seen (1 episodes worth) I didn't like the change in direction for season 2 and didn't really like the redesign of He-man's appearance, at least to begin with, yet have since fallen in love with the MOTUC 200x Snake Armour He-Man figure...don't think I can ever LOVE or fall in love with the DC rip-off armour...

    I really liked the stactions that followed the 200x line too. Im particular: Clawful, Tung-Lashor and Webstor (would LOVE too see these as large-size MOTUC beasts! HINT!).

    Overall though, no hate or strong dislike for 200x what-so-ever. IMO it was an important chapter to the MOTU mythology / history. It also helped introduce MOTU to a new generation of children / fans. It personally revived my own interest in MOTU substantially (especially with the figures / stactions). IMO it gave us some amazing character redesigns and new characters from 4H (not properly developed or realised until the Neca Stactions and most impressively in the Classics line) and last, but not least it made MOTU relevant again in the noughties. So thumbs up to everything 200x and here's to the 200x mini sub and many more 200x Classics figures to come!

    Much love to the 200x Classics figures of: Snake Armour He-Man, King Hssss, Count Marzo, The Faceless One, Clix <3

    And here's hoping we see future 200x Classics figures / variant releases of...200x Sorceress, Prince Adam, Orko, Trap Jaw, Ice Armour He-Man, Wolf-Armour He-man, Fire Armour Skeletor, Snake Crush Skeletor and many other characters
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    the only thing I could never accept was that terrible, just terrible, hideous sword. I hold that sword responsible for the failure of the 200x line. It's not true, but heck with it.

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    Well I didnt expect so much negativity towards the show. As for myself, let me say it like this: as a longtime fan, I liked it a whole lot, but if this was the first incarnation of He Man I would see, it certainly would not make me a diehard lifelong fan.
    I think the two-parter The Beginning was really good. The music and pacing was quite good, and I liked to see a more elaborate and modern expansion on the mythology. Loved Skeletors origins. But it didnt work for me completely past that for few reasons
    1. Animation style - never liked anime, disliked it a lot and always cited classic filmation series as my perfect preferred choice of animation. So I cant stand those squary designs and animation
    2. It lacks the sense of unknown, of real, old school Fantasy, fairy tale approach, haunted forests, abandoned spooky temples, ancient demons etc. The original Filmation cartoon was like a mix of Brothers Grimm dark fairy tales with spooky fantasy, like Willow or Legend
    3. It was too formulaic, it was too much like other shows of the time, it lacked a unique feel

    BUT, The Begining was really good and enjoyed it a lot, and liked the entire series a whole lot (Aside from the Serpent crap)

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    The most offensive thing i could point out was that there was no homage paid to any aspect of the NA series , not one character import , not even a side joke .

    NA is an important part and parcel of the whole HEMAN package . It made 65 episodes and sold toys .

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